CSA said they might keep my payment rather than pay it to me

December 5, 2012

I have just telephoned toe CSA to enquire where my payment is and been told that they are holding onto this for at least 28 days where they may determine that they need to keep the money to pay off arrears owed or return to the absent father as an over payment.

So basically I am the last on the list that may receive the money when it was deducted for me and my son! How can this happen? We received a letter from the CSA dated September where thy advised me I was over paid £73 that I was to repay it immediately out of that months payment and the dates of the payments I am due and that there is no arrears. Imagine my surprise therefore to be told that they are with holding my payment!

I was counting on this payment of £231 to feed myself and my family until my next payday comes around. I am a single full time working mum who needs to run a car to get to work as we are on no bus/train routes and its 15 miles away.

How am I going to feed my family – go to work to earn money when i get shafted like this? I would be grateful for any ideas of help you can offer, The CSA have definately put doom over my house hold and with pay day over 3 weeks away I really dont know what to do except use credit cards and run up more debt.


  • adi says:

    ? Im sorry but is’nt the money meant for your children ? why should you be relying on this money to feed yourself. on another note its just another let down by the csa you are not alone. i would be taking this up with your mp and making a formal complaint

  • Carol says:

    You get £231 per month and have only been overpaid £73 but they are keeping all of it! Lodge a formal complaint with the Agency. Do you agree with the overpayment they say you are due? Has there been a change to the assessment your ex has to pay?

    The Agency seem to be getting worse at the moment and posts like yours just show that you cannot rely on the CSA.

  • T. Whinder says:

    What an awful comment re relying on the money to feed yourself, she is a fulltime working mum, as am I. Who do you think provides the money for these children week in week out? Not the CSA who hold money for weeks or months before deciding whether the kids needs should be contributed to by the absent parent, who may in all fairness be happy to do so. Dont knock someone for carrying both an absent parent and the CSA by working fulltime whilst raising children, for goodness sake mothers cannot do right for doing wrong!

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