CSA said my case would be closed but I’ve returned from living abroad to find I owe a large figure

March 14, 2013

I phoned to inform the CSA in Dec 2011 that I was moving abroad in Feb 2012. They told me the case will more than likely be closed and the only way it could be re-opened is if I returned and if the Mother got in touch to say I was back, and opened a new case. They also said someone would phone back in Jan to confirm – I left the country in Feb and no-one had called.

I sent them a letter saying I’ve left my job, closed my account and am moving abroad – which I was. They never replied. I stupidly thought the case was closed, stuff didnt work out abroad and came home. They have now tracked me down and said I owe them, but haven’t told me how they have calculated it. The figure is something like what it would have been from then till now. Do you think I can get this disputed? Very stressed as they say they can take immediate action. Please advise!


  • Alice says:

    Ask for a client statement which will show the charges on the case
    if there are charges after you left the UK contact the agency and advise that you had informed them that you had notified them of a change – ie you were moving outwith the UK and request that the change be progressed.

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