CSA said I would get nothing as ex was on benefits

July 19, 2012

I left my husband 17yrs ago because of psychological and emotional abuse, I have not received a penny in maintenance for my two girls in all of that time. the girls were 6mnths and 3yrs old when I left. My ex re married and had two more daughters, the CSA told me I was entitled to nothing as he was on benefits. I gave them evidence of him working but they did nothing, still not entitled to anything.

My ex husband came into money from the sale of his fathers house, still no maintenance, he has foreign holidays 2/3 times a year, drives very nice cars,is no longer entitled to benefit as he has too much money, my youngest daughter is still in full time education, I am a lone parent, can I apply again to the CSA and also ask for arrears?


  • Carol says:

    Did you close your claim the last time? If you did not close the previous claim you would not have to re-apply and you can ask the CSA to look at his income details again. If he was on benefits he would have had to pay flat rate of £5 per week. For your info on re-assessing my partner has an assessment in place dated November 2008 but covers the period from April 2004-November 2007.

    If you did close the claim you can re-apply but the CSA would only have your ex liable from when they first make contact with him.

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