CSA said I would get no money because looks after another child

May 6, 2012

Following my ex husband stopping voluntary maitenance payments a year ago as he wanted to save for a new tv i contacted the csa. The case has now been going on for a year. For a few months they had my case muddled up with a different case. I was then told because my ex is legal guardian of his late second wife’s child and in reciept of widow’s pension his own children were not entitled to any maintenance.

I have since been told this is not the case but am still waiting for the case to be sorted out,each time i ring the csa nobody seems to be able to tell me anything and my own case worker is never available,i am already on interest free morgage payments and struggling to survive, if the case is not sorted out in the near future there is a high possibility we will loose our home.

I am utterly disgusted in the way the csa have handled my case!


  • Carol says:

    The CSA do not know what they are doing basically for both nrp and pwc.

    Have you wrote a formal letter of complaint? It sounds as though your case has clearly maladministration. It is often best to carry on everything in writing with the Agency instead of telephone calls.

    It may be worth your while contacting your MP to get their help. Once they are involved a caseworker will be appointed and you will also have a direct number to contact them for updates and this is done much quicker than through the CSA complaints procedure as I have recently found out.

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