CSA said I would get money back but have not had it

January 20, 2013

I have been paying csa for about 12 years. I did stop paying them as my ex wife cancelled it with them about 5 years ago when they tryed to take 80% of my wages but they would not cancel it until i had paid what they called arears to the goverment which was 390 pounds which i paid.

After a few months i lost my job and when i got a new one my wife went back to the csa and put a reclaim in, which was fine, but about sept i rang csa to find out when i stop paying they said they would look into it but did not contact me back.

This happend two or three times until i got a letter saying that it was cancelled on the 28/08/2012 as my child is no longer in non advanced full time education. But did not cancel the payments with my employers as it was deduction of ernings order untill the end of november telling me they were to late and the 200 pounds that had come to them would come straight back to me in three working days.

That was eight weeks ago also they told me that i would recive back £287.87 in over payments i think this is wrong as if i paid £200 a month from 28/08/2 till now tey cancelled it in dec is in my oppinion £800 they say its due to payments mised from the start if that was the case then why did i pay £ 390 back when my ex wife cancelled it and then when it was re subbited 4 years ago they told me what i had to pay and i never missed a payment and it was deduction of earnings order so how could i miss a payment and why does it take six weeks to get a refund but lets face it its been eight weeks nw and i still have not had a penny back or the £200 ponds they took in november that i should have had back in three days.

My case worker was julie ext 14666 08450508485 also talked to william and even when i asked for a manager asim ext 74404 refused to even call me back


  • j says:

    This isnt the csa its an open forum so don’t give names/details etc especially of children.

    Don’t deal with the csa by phone, everything in writing, sent recorded, keep the receipts.

    Copy your MP into everything and try and get them involved as your advocate.

    Make a formal complaint about any decision you are unhappy with from the outset as time limits are involved. Always go for an appeal tribunal asap following the internal process.

    Get a copy of your Data Protection prints from the outset so you know what you are dealing with, again follow the correct procedure in wording your request to get ALL information, send it to the right department, send the correct fee.

    Don’t be afraid to complain about any csa staff, or their superiors if you feel you have just cause.

    Remember the process, internal complaint, ‘independent’ case examiner (the csa protection department), appeals tribunal, parliamentry and health service ombudsman through your mp for maladministration.

  • Darren says:

    I have recently been in touch with the csa as my ex wife put in a claim for csa from the time my children were born. Although I was living with them and still married to there mum. No money was taken from me but after 10yrs of marriage (which was hell) I left, after 2 weeks of leaving the csa contacted me telling my i owed thousands. I tried to put my case forward but they was not intrested they just started taking £375 a month from my wages for the next 4 years. I lost my home, my new relasionship, I treid to kill myself but nothing happened. Years later I have met a wonderful lady who stands by me. She has got proof from the local council to back me up. This confirms fraud. My ex partners was also years ago found gulity of benefit fraud as she was claiming lone parent etc benefits although I was living with her and married. Please can anyone give me any advise and am i emtitled to my money back etc? p.s csa have confirmed they have recieved the letter and proof from me and that it is fraud and they are investigating the case

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