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CSA said I should keep paying even though daughter has left college

I had been paying the csa because my daughter went in further education.

She had left college on 2nd april 2011. .

I phoned the CSA (dudley) to state the case that i should only have payed while she was in education as it states in their booklet. They told me i have to keep paying because my ex is still claiming child benefits for him.

I can not stop payments as they are deducting from my wages

I stated that she should be claiming income support now and that she should not be entitled to claim. They still are adamant i should pay csa

My case is still live the csa say because the mother still unlawfully claims child benefit, yet i told them that 6 months ago that she is making teh claim illegaly, i have even contacted theChild Benefit office and they have said it can take up tp a year to follow up on a fraudalent claim.

Anybody got ideas on this coz i’m sure the csa should owe me?

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  1. Really? We had the same problem but child benefit ceased immediately and case closed, my advice contact your mp and write a letter of complaint to csa and deo, never ring them and always send letters recorded, do this ASAP and get it sorted….its fraud which I thought was a criminal offense, but no nrps treated like the criminals! Good luck

  2. Yes..your ex knows how to screw the system like alot of them,she does it in order to keep screwing you.sadly sooo many cases out there that the CSA turn a blind eye to because REMEMBER ….they are making money out of for the books sake and the treasury,it fails to collect millions each yr from assholes that avoid the system…so the honest hardworking NRP,s like you and I make up the numbers…it’s not in the scumbag CSA,s interest to stop taking money from you and use the benefits system as an excuse to take your money
    Assholes !!!!

  3. How old is your child if you dont mind me asking? As yuou say she is in further education its safe to assume beyond the legal school leaving age. The CSA have used that ruse on me to refuse to close my case with them concerning child benefit being linked to cSA maintenance payments. Thats bullshit. If thats the case, how does a PWC continue to claim child benefit if maintenance is being paid via a private arrangment when the CSA has nothing to do with it then????

  4. My hubby is having he exact same problem. Both his sons left school in july but she claims one is still in full time education which is a lie as he is working 35 hours a week. Csa tll insist we hav to keep making payments (bizarrely dirct from salary even tho we have always paid without hassle) and they hve been “looking into the case” since september…they told us it would take till 22nd dec at the latest and now they say they cant guarantee that. Whenever he phones to ask whats happening they treat him like a second class citizen trying to be let into a secret hes not entitled to know about. Sick of them, shes the criminal for lying and claiming child benefit, so how come we’re the ones that are being penalised….

  5. Speak to your M.P. and ask them to act on your behalf. Failing that, see a solicitor and ask them to draft a letter threatening legal action for interest and compensation on your overpayments.

    The CSA cannot blame the mother as you have informed them that Child benefit is no longer payable!

    Also write to the DWP!

  6. I’m having exactly the same problem !!!! I’m paying almost £300 per month and already he’s had £900 he’s not entitled to. The CSA say if I stop paying they’ll just do it by attachment of earnings. When I asked how they go about getting my money back once I’ve proved my case, they told me that they have no powers in that direction. All they can do is ask him to pay it back, but if he doesn’t then it’s just tough!!

    I’m so frustrated I could scream. Surely it’s fraud. He’s faudulently claiming child benefit and fraudulently claiming CSA he’s not really entitled to. I think I’ll go to the police station and say that I want to report a crime. Fraud is a crime!

  7. Write to the CSA and tell them you will charge £100 for every £1 they take from you that is later proved to be collected in error. It is down to them to manage the case and it would be up to them to write and charge the PWC the same. The Onus would then be on the PWC and the CSA to ensure they stop collecting from you at the correct time.

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