CSA said I need to pay them back money they paid to me

March 6, 2013

I have had an open case with the CSA for over 8 years. Due to my ex-husband refusing to pay maintenance and refusing to provide details of his earnings an amount was settled on a few years and the CSA paid me 110 pounds a week for a couple of years (for 4 children). For some reason I have never understood he was then given a nil assessment.

When I tackled him about that he agreed to pay that amount directly to me. Then after a year he went back to paying it through the CSA. But as I had a nil assessment they paid me only 23 pounds a week even though he was paying them the 110 pounds still. They have now said that I have to pay this amount back as they shouldn’t have paid me, even though there is a tribunal going ahead to determine if the nil assessment is accurate, it has taken 2 years to get to this part.

My ex husband has as a result of having to go to a tribunal put in for maintenance. I was told last week that his application for maintenance was refused.

Today I had a phone call to say that they have contacted my employers and they want 50 pounds a week from me, as they are taking my working tax credits into account. I fail to understand how this can be happening.


  • Lisa says:

    Maybe you should have.tokd the csa you were recieveing the 110 a week, because.your ex was on.nil assessment, that.means you have been overpaid, and unfortunatly that money.doesnt come from nowhere, they are taking from you just as they would have done to.your ex by deo, its only fair to give back what you had beeb over paid, thats the law, at least its showing now that PWC do have money taken back from them that they were not entitled to, shows thw CSA are bucking there ideas up amd making things fair for both parties and not just the mum,

  • Carrie says:

    If the PWC was receiving CM of £110 when the NRP was on a nil assessment obviously it was an over payment & needs to be recovered. If the pwc was on benfits at any time the arrears were probably collected for the Secretary of State (if it was before Benefit Disregard started in April 2010)AT LAST maybe the CSA are realising that some NRP have not been listened to & not all pwc’s are the honest ones.

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