CSA ruined my life

March 12, 2012

i contacted the csa when i started a new job, they then contacted my employer the day after and the details were exchanged by them and my employer. it then took nearly 3 months for them to calculate my claim and in that period me and my company contacted them and they gave us the same excuse it hasn’t been processed. in september i got a call from the csa and the lady said sorry it took so long she has been on holiday and then was told that i owe approx £2000 and i had to pay it back with in two years at the maximum payback rate! so my payment of £74 for my four children went to £98 and i had started a new family and just had a newborn child, my girlfriend didnt work and i was the only source of income in our lives.

I explained i have debt and rent and another adult to support and a new born baby they said that doesnt concern them! i had to get two buses to work and we could’nt manage if they took £98 a week, nothing happened they never contacted me and i sent all the information to them recorded delivery even with my medical history of severe deppression and anxiety, i asked what they had done with the information and the reply was it went into the bin!.

I’ve contacted them since asking for more help as we are really struggling and my family is in distress because of our financial situation, they said theres nothing they can do they want the £98 per week. i became ill on a number of occassions and my girlfriend also and i had to take unpaid time from work and didnt receive any sick pay either, so then after this they contacted my employer requesting the money to be made up, even tho i had not received any money from my employer or sick pay, this meant my payments went upto £164 a week i was left with my protected earnings, yet my employer was takeing £50 for a company loan so i was left with £150 a week for approx 5 weeks.

I told csa they said its not there problem if iam sick i must catch up with the missed payments i said ok but why straight away and not gradually they said no it doesnt work like that.

Then my employer missed to send csa payments on numerous occasions and so the csa said i should have noticed and it was partially my fault. i have that much comeing out of my bank i dont know where iam upto i cant keep track and that was why i requested it to be took straight out of my wages. i then complained to csa and they said its the payroll dept at my work i opened my mouth to work and this caused friction as i was distraught with me never having no money so for approx 8 weeks i only had my protected earnings through no fault of my own. this has now made me unemployed (due to lack of work they said! convenient i thought) my relationship has broken down and i’am now homeless on the council register i cannot beleive they still had the cheek to take £234 out of my last wage slip when i phoned and explained to them that ive been laid off and thats my last wage but previously before from the 3-2-12 i had no money due to me being on the sick.

i told the csa i was onthe sick and i had no money from then and to recalculate my claim they never did and took the £234 from my last wage. they took so much regarding money but not just that theyve destroyed me as iam so ill again and have nothing anymore as ive lost my job, girlfriend, son and job


  • Chris says:

    The CSA don’t listen. My ex wife has no interest in talking to me about contact with my children. She goes straight to the CSA who do not take anything into account, debts, wages, circumstances they just take take take. The fact that my ex wife is a greedy money grabbing person means nothing. Now my other children are in hardship and the whole system sticks. This isn’t great Britain it’s rubbish Britain…

  • Karl Garrett says:

    I concur completely, and am in the same situation, to the point I nearly ended it twice..not that anybody would have cared or listened. Unfortunately now I’ve had to leave to country, just to be able to survive!!. which means gettingt o see the kids is gonna be bloody hard!. Not that the ex will give a sh**. I’m just a cash machine in her eyes :-(.

    But chin up, if you ain’t got nothing, they can’t take nothing, but I/We full understand how hard it is on your own head to deal with.. my relationship is straining, due to the very same thing….so we feel for ya… ( doesn’t help the here & now I know!)

  • Lisa Smith says:

    Morning All,

    I really do feel for all poor fathers who get hit with CSA, the whole system is wrong!!!! All EX-Wives are an EX for a reason, where children are invloved they are horrible, bitter, twitsed money grabbing witches.

    I am all for fathers who abondon children and choose to walk out of their kids lives they should get hit with CSA and should pay towards the up keep of their children.

    However there is caring, loving fathers out there who try to better themselves and by going through the CSA only betters their EX Wives.

    CSA should change the system and come up with a value for example £30 a week per child regardless of how much the non resident parent earns. Unless the parent has shared access and stays over at both parents houses no child maintence should be paid.

  • Terry norris says:

    I agree with Chris
    These fucks and the bitch ex’s don’t give a shit about your situation at all.the ex’ s just use the kids as cash machines.the fucking scumbag csa don’t …..absolutely don’t give a shit about your debts of outgoings…how the fuck can that be Aloud to happen.
    My bitch of an ex screws me for £320 a month for ONE child.the bastard csa use my car allowance as well when calculating how much they they are going to legally rob from me,that car allowance is there to pay for a vehicle so I can get to work and now these fucks want some of that as well.I won’t be able to afford to renew the car lease this nov.i am scrimping and saving to get a bit of cash together to buy a 2nd hand van.nearly £80 a week that bitch gets that I know she don’t spend on my daughter,it subsidises hers and the prick she lives with lifestyle.its fucking disgusting that I am not allowed to know how/ where my money is spent,even worse is the fucking csa don’t care how it’s spent,and you know why ? Because it’s nothing to do with the welfare of the child at all,it’s about clawing back as much money from honest hard working easy target dads like us to put back in the treasury bin that its had to pay out to all the scumbags and benefit cheats that could work but choose not to,oh and the single mothers that have half dozen kids by different men and then expect and get free housing and all the benefits under the sun along with csa from as many of the fathers they can track down….I’m in the wrong game here..I think I should just throw the towel in and sell my house and fuck off abroad and never return if I know what’s good for me.i sure as hell wouldn’t come back knowing this vermin called the csa would bleed me dry….wankers is what they are

  • bob says:

    Lol terry just pmsl there hehe

  • chall says:

    Hi mark,

    As you state your case had taken 3 months to calculate, I’m concerned how the arrears total was £2000?

    Did you notify the agency of the birth of your son?

    I appreciate your OH didn’t work, but did she receive and maternity allowance/ grant?
    Your family were possibly also entitled to claim Working and Child tax credits.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Tina Godrich says:

    I cannot believe what i am reading.My son has just been contacted by the csa as his ex and family who are all benefits scroungers ,never worked or paid only taken from the system and get away with it,because she wants MORE MORE MORE Money.My son has always paid maintenace for his children,had them week-ends,pays and takes them on holiday,and now he has to deal with this csa issue.I dread the payment statement coming through to him.It is about time this Government and other Governments stood up for FATHERS.What i want to know is when the mother who is claiming every benefit going and having people living with her that work,does it affect her benefits or is it a case of her getting RICHER without working.

  • rach says:

    tina since a couple of years ago benefit claimants now get to KEEP all the maintenance paid without it affecting their benefit entitlement! so wrong they get richer without ever having to work for a living

  • John says:

    Well said Tina!

  • Alan says:

    I work 70 hours a week on nights to pay joint loans of two hundred a month plus pay 600 csa I only get a Saturday night Off and still only come out with 480 a week I can’t afford to rent I can’t have my kids staying over as I work 6 nights a week I’m 45 living at me mums with nothing when the ex is living in a 250 grand house works 16 hours a week plus has a new. Boyfriend and I get nothing she then has the cheek to ask me to have the kids in the week when she’s at work.. But because I love my kids I do.. I’m feeling so low she has it all I have nothing joke

  • Alan says:

    She get 2500 a month going into her bank each month because she works 16 hours and can claim everything.. Greedy selfish nasty women

  • Kevan Smith says:

    I am on a zero hour contract, thus if I dont work, I dont get paid. But god help when I do work. I can earn £9.50 per hour when working. I can work long hours. Just before xmas I worked a 70 hour week. With tax ni etc plus the thieving scum of the csa I brought home £250. This is because I have arrears( no work means no money) so how can i have arrears? I wouldnt have had money to eat myself, but who cares? The csa certainly dont. Its now got to the point, Ive had to move back in with my parents at 52 years old. What I am earning for 70 hours I cant survive, I am seriously thinking of quitting work and seeing what I can get out of the government. My ex works part time ( 24 hours pw) with all benefits and her little wage, she accrues nearly £2500 pm. How can this be justified?

  • Tyff says:


  • Ashley says:

    Bloody disgusting service. How can they take our money without taking into account our outgoings? No idea how anyone can afford to live now. One thing is for sure, I will never be having another child. Selfish bitch of a mother won’t even let me see her. They wonder why so many men commit suicide, maybe they should open their eyes.

  • Ashley says:

    Fucking bravo Terry! Too many cum-dumpster sluts out to scrape every last penny they can.

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