CSA rock up with a £14k bill from 1999!

March 25, 2016

I have just been hit with a bill for nearly £14000 that i know nothing about csa say it is from the 1999-2001,how can they do this after 15 years when i have heard nothing from the in that time,i spoke to them and they said you have to pay or we will take you to court so i said i will give them £20 per month,the a freind said do not give them you bank details they will take what they like,can they go after me for this after this long,1 child i have had nothing to do with since 18 months old she is now 20,the other child i was giving her money direct,i sent all receipts to csa as they asked for at the time,guess what no record of them so they ask have you got copies not after 15 years i said,can any body help me with this as i do not know where i stand legal i have been told will cost thounsands.


  • Jo says:

    You need to establish where these arrears have come from and you need to this by writing a strong letter of complaint. In the letter outline your concerns, that you need evidence/paperwork for their claims and that you will be seeing your MP.

    Then make an appointment to see your MP asap.

    I write this from experience, my husband had the arrears envelope dropped on him for £15,000 a few years back and we had the case dropped as soon as we got the MP involved and kept on at the CSA demanding information.

    It takes time but worth it if there has been mistakes.

    Best of luck.

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