CSA Robbers

January 20, 2012

My husband has an 11 year old son from a previous relationship.

He received a letter today saying he is £3000 in arrears!

They say his ex contacted them in 2010 to ask for a review of their case. They said they tried to contact my husband to advise his payments had gone up.

My husband has been in touch with the csa twice since 2010, once to advise of a chnage of address and the other to set up a direct debit for the payment but at no time did they mention there was arrears or that they tried to previously contact them.

My husband phoned them to ask about this and they said there have been errors on thier system.

My husband and i now have a 3 month old son and i am on maternity wages we simply cannot afford to pay the amount of money they are asking for without bankrupting ourselves.

Please help as we are now worried sick about how we are going to afford this because of their error!!

If my husband is due to pay arrears fine but can we negotiate at what rate he pays them back? i.e £5 a week for 100 years!

Please help!!!


  • Bob says:

    Is your husband working?

    You will need to contact your local MP immediately.

  • Brian says:

    EVERYONE GET YOUR MP involved!! NO matter what.

    Regardless send them a copy of every letter you send to the CSA. You’ll be amazed how many NRPs together we can get better, improved, group response. Don’t let the MP do nothng! Stand up and get the MP over worked with local CSA cases guaranteed to piss them off and force the issues directly with higher CSA bods..please pass this message on.

    CSA will only take notice if an MP gets pissed off


  • C Wilson says:

    My partner and i have a 2year old child together and when our child was born my partner contacted the csa about the payments he was making for his 2 children to his ex wife and they reduced his payments by £10. Now me and my patner are living together as a family with our child the csa have still not taken into consideration that he has a family to provide for and are still taking weekly payments . Now all of a sudden they havent taken his weekly payments… Does this mean they have stopped his payments? or are tryin to make him look a twat by doing this? will they try and take double out his next wage?

  • chall says:


    By all means contact your MP, but the arrears will still need to be cleared. The effective date for a change of circumstance is the date it was requested and there is no timeline for the CSA regarding this.

    It’s risky business not notifying the agency of changes in income, as after any possible delays implementing a CofC the accumulated arrears may not reflect true to date income and CSA do not have to retrospectively backdate such regardless.

    You should try to negotiate a sensible re payment amount and be aware the agency can collect a maximum of 40% of the NRP’s income (if they are employed) including regular maintenance.

    Is your OH case calculated on old or new rules (opened on or after) 03/03/03?
    What method does your OH pay CSA by, DEO, Direct debit, direct to PWC?
    Has your OH informed the CSA your son has been born?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • michelle says:

    I have been lied too, fed countless number of false promises by the agency not just by the agents themselves but by SUPERVISORS also, my case has been passed from pillar to post, lost, found, archived, forgotten and now I’m afraid i have lost any faith that i had in this system, I have had enough, what is suppose to take 16 weeks apparently, takes double that and then some, you are then placed in TOP PRIORITY, what exactly does that mean, well not what you think I assure you, I have been TOP PRIORITY since …October’11, it means nothing, they hadn’t been bothered to contact me via written communication let alone give me a courtesy telephone call to tell me where its at, i said I was going to complain was told, umm your case is near completion if you complain now it will PROBABLY take another 12 weeks or more!!!!!! NOW after 7 MONTHS being told that sorry your case worker forgot to update your case files on the system….Oh and then because a judgement being made schedules sent out, hey presto….change of circumstances (something that he said he could do) to get around the system, a system that WE tax payers are paying for…….WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!
    I have recently contacted my local MP so just have to wait and see what happens with that, fingers crossed.
    Thing is i’m totally at a loss and have no idea where to turn now, especially if the MP can’t help.

  • joanne says:

    What if it shows the arrears to be incorrect?, why should they have to be cleared if they have said there is errors, why should a new family suffer because of the csa maladminstration?. Get hold of your mp and request a breakdown to how they got to their figures. Good luck.

  • chall says:


    If you can show the amount is incorrect because the CSA have made errors in the actual calculation, this can be corrected by the agency. It would not be deemed as agency maladmin or error if the NRP had omitted to give up to date information at the time the change took place.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Brian says:

    Makes no difference if you contact ,mp, you still get screwed, both me and partner have to pay regular CSA and arrears, the CSA wrote to us admitting misadministration with arrears not working out proper payments quick enough which caused the arrears in first place. We got the letter for evidece. Their attitude is pay what you owe and the joint payments out of our household will total £750 a month how can they justify this payment. CAB is no help either cab rang on our behalf and they could not beleive the way csa spoke to them she told us they spoke to her like a piece of scum. So what can you do? Manipulate your income take turns who works and somehow you scrape through. They also try and say arrears got to be cleared up inside 2 years. There is no law for that and never will be. Set up payments to go over 20 years they have to except sod them they caused a lot of the problems

  • Brian says:

    You are quite correct, it makes NO DIFFERENCE to the CSA or possibly the PWC what you try do, they both want the living blood from your body.

    You know what some PWC on social benefits life is brilliant. At no cost to female PWC will she have to pay family court fees to see her children, stress about bailiffs, going to prison, miscalculations by CSA, UFO arrears 😉 they are mysterious etc the list is endless.

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    “Lost my job due to CSA harassment at work”


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