CSA refuses to cancel claim even though my ex wants them to

January 15, 2010

hi, where to start, erm..

i am a self employed contractor who was in a relationship soon to be married, my partner fell pregnant and i then had an afair with another lady, this ohter lady told me she was on the pill and decided NOT to tell me she was stopping the pill, she also fell pregnant, she knew i was never going to leave my partner for her so tried to trap me by having a baby, she has sent text after text saying how she will not go to the csa as she does not need or want the money, but now she has gone through the csa and started the claim, she has also got other people to text me abusive and threating text i have told the police about these and have a crime ref. can i/ do i inform the csa of this???

she also yesterday sent me a text “scott im going to ring the csa tomorrow and try to cancel my claim against you. you cant afford to pay, i dont want your money and dont need it. i rung them out of revenge. that way you wont even have to think about your child.”

then today “i called csa they wont cancel the calim”

what do i do???


  • chall says:

    Hi Scott,

    If any PWC wishes stop using the services of the CSA/CMEC, they can do so. This now applies to both private cases and those that claim benefits.

    If the PWC wishes for the claim to remain with the agency and you cant come to a private agreement with her, then there isn’t anything you can do.

    More info at http://www.afairercsaforall.co.uk

  • Delani says:

    There is nothing you can do. CSA will never let it go now they have it. Welcome to the nightmare. That person has control over you and is not going to give it up. I’m sorry your going to have to make the best of it for the next 19 years. CSA will seem a walk in the park compared to CMEC, when that takes over most of you will think csa was much easier. I’m sorry for how your life is going to be. If your still young enough make a new life outside of the E.U if don’t you will wish you had.

  • Des says:

    I would rather comment on the fact that you said she wanted to trap you. I think be realistic a woman would not really want to trap a man that cheats on his wife to be.maybe you should take responsibility for the children you produce. dont say oohh a wee when its fun in the bedroom then just walk away. From your post i can only think that you did not offer to pay for your child in the first place so she has every right to go to the csa like for example you have everyright to not see the child. you might have a puppy that you look after but you disrespect your own blood DNA. Trapping old excuse for not keeping your you know what in your pants.

  • Miles says:

    With Des on this one. You played around and got burnt. It could be argued that It’s men like you that caused the CSA to come about in the first place.

  • Mel says:

    I cannot agree more with Des on this one. This is unbelievable. How many more creatures are there like Scott out there? Why should the public support your spawn? She tried to “trap” you?! She is left with a child, that is a lifelong load of hard work and love. Something Scott sadly doesn’t seem to comprehend. I am intrigued as to whether Scott bothers to support his child with the first partner, or are the taxpayers also footing the bill for that one too? Disgusting excuse for a human being.

  • Doris day says:

    What a load of rubbish. She lied to him stating she was on the pill (which most women do). He made a mistake had an affair. She fell pregnant. She lied!!! Wheres the mans say in whether she keeps the child. Its all one sided! If he doesn’t want it there should be an agreement taken into place where the man cant be screwed over. She chose to keep that child on her own she should support it. She gets the child benefit and child tax credit for the child. Makes me angry all one sided. She gets everything. Tell her sod off Scott!!!!

  • Doris day says:

    And its a woman saying this!!!

  • john says:

    so so sad.its the day and age we live in.unfortunetly the same happened to me and its out of our control.i comforted my ex after she was telling me how infertile she was till i slept with her and found out .while she was pouring her heart out then for her to turn out to be a psycopath who like to throw her weight around and one day try to stab me with a knife in the neck so anyone who has the views of men sleep about they are totally responsible,YOU ALL NEED TO LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE.some people yes!but not every story is the same.i think something needs to be done cause if a women decides to get herself in that position after lying to their man then they should take responsibility.

  • cheryl says:

    Ever heard of a condom, accept responsibility!!

  • lyndon says:

    I just found out by my ex she fill out the paperwork and sign my name with out know I try call csa but the don’t listen to me

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