CSA refuses to accept a receipt for payment to ex

October 19, 2011

This is a copy of letter i sent to the csa 18 months ago just to put u in the picture a bit.

Today I get a letter saying they have eventually come to a decision and they wont deduct the £3640 off the receipt my husbands ex wrote for us. Any body have an ideas what next? Can I involve a private handwriting specialst if I am willing to pay? If my husband was denying he was the father he would have a dna to prove it so can I prove she wrote the receipt?

To the CSA,

Once again I am sending to you the receipt book we have for payments made for child maintenance XXXX & XXXXX.

I have sent you this twice already ,both times recorded delivery and both times you have returned it to me with a receipt which I have enclosed, but nobody seems to have received this and it has not been deducted from the outstanding CSA which you have calculated. I have sent it special delivery this time in hope it will actually get taken in to account.

You are threatening me with everything from bailiffs, which I think are currently on hold for 30 days, to my husband being imprisoned for this debt but don’t even have the right figure owed. I have tried speaking to someone to do with the bailiff at the CSA but the only response I’m getting to everything I’m saying is he’s not prepared to negotiate with me and we should of paid the instalments when we was given the opportunity. We have never had that opportunity. We paid the children’s mother directly from 2003 until we received letters from you saying we owe £9,432.25 and we need to pay that amount in full now as this has to be paid within two years.

As the children’s mother was also claiming income support at the time she was reluctant to give us receipts for the £50 per week we had actually been giving her ,without fail, since 2003 but did write the one I have sent with this letter on the 5th of July 2008. She only wrote £20 per week as she said she was worried of getting in trouble for having it on top of her benefits.

My husband felt as though his hands were tied at this point as we had no proof of what we’d been paying in the past but if we stopped paying she wouldn’t let have the boys at the weekends and we would be landed with a 10 grand bill from you for something that we had already well and truely paid. it slipped her mind that she’d given us this receipt over a year ago or thought that we never kept it as I’d find it unlikely she would have contacted you otherwise as she was worried she would have to pay this money back.

We understand that it is our own fault for not getting regular receipts for all the payments which we have made to Mrs xxxx (over the years the amount we have paid totals over £13,000.)

Although we dont agree that we owe this amount we are not trying to avoid paying what is now officially said to owed to the CSA, we just want the right amount worked out and a reasonable amount of time to pay it, which we haven’t been given.

I cannot find any legislation anywhere on the internet that says it is law that the bill must be paid within two years only that it is merely a guideline.

Please look into our case for us again


  • Craig says:

    I have heard that if you have done time, they cant pursue you as you have already been punished, well they can go after you and request the money but cant get bailiffs involved or raise liability orders you may want to look into this

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