CSA refused to speak to me because of their security questions

October 25, 2011

I phoned the agency to find out why my payments are so infrequent. Only to find a VERY OFFICIAL operator who refused to pass my interrogation. I entered my nat ins no my date of birth, and waited got through to this guy called Matt then he asked me several questions all which were expected, except when he asked me “when was the last time you called the agency?” I cant remember was my reply!

I’m sorry you haven’t passed the security and you will have to ring off— I then tried 2 more times both of which put me through to the very same guy, who you could almost hear smirking in his voice, I asked him to ask me a less ambiguous question he wasnt having any of it and decided to turn very abrupt and ended our call.

So I now cannot call the csa at all because the last time I rang no one there told me to make a note of the day or date otherwise I wouldnt be able to contact them again .. What a pile of rubbish!!!


  • a matthias says:

    when he asked you the 2nd time when did you last speak you should have said 10 mins ago, feel really sorry for you , i’m having same problems my ex wife asked to be paid direct as she is having the same problem sometimes waiting nearly 2 months for payments they said it would take 12 weeks (21st june) 13 weeks later (16thsept ) i phoned to ask what was happening, they said to to my ex wife phoning and explaining it slightly different they said it will take another 12 weeks (6th dec) so still waiting also she had unexplained payment going to the secratary of state as i have but no explaination why? and if they are holding back payments for 2 months and probably thousands of people £300 1 child x £? 000 where is that intrest going because my payment has never been late ???? like thousands of others , and it shouldn’t take 6 months to change over as most of the work was done in the 1st 12 weeks ,

  • Bob says:

    Is this a wind up? I’ve answered with “couldn’t tell you” virtually ever time. I’d put in a complaint about the punkass tbh

  • Mick says:

    Put in a written complaint about the case worker you were transferred to. Also include the date and time if you can remember when you spoke to this individual.Take it above this clowns head. If no joy of a response within say 7 days, get you MP involved.

  • Stephen Hemingway says:

    Security questions are a complete pain, but here are a number of ways around this problem.
    1. Get an itemised phone bill with their number on it. quote day, time, length of call. If they deny you spoke to them, tell them again but this time advise them you couldn’t get through the security barrier.
    2. If this does not work. hang up. Try again.If they ask when you last contacted the agency state very clearly “30 seconds ago” Explain if you have to that you failed the security questions.
    3. Repeat until either you or them get hacked off. (10 times is the record so far)
    4. Refuse to answer THAT question on the grounds that it is irrelevant and that they do not hold that type of information so why should you?
    5. Ring any CSA number. Ring 5 or 6 if you have to, eventually one of them will not ask THAT question.

    On a related subject, I was once asked “who do you bank with”.I said “I’m not answering that I pay by Deduction from earnings” They said “It’s a security question” I said “I know. i’m very concerned about the security of my Bank account. I’m not telling you. ask me another”There was a pause. A long pause. Then they asked me another. It can be done.If you fancy a general whinge about how bad these idiots get, get in touch via this site.

  • MrDaz says:

    Nice tips Stephen – I like the idea of telling them you’re not answering the question because they shouldn’t have the answer themselves.

    I doubt I’ll get to do that though as they have refused to speak to me on the phone for a couple of years; something to do with my recording all of my phone calls with them and publishing them either as podcasts or as YouTube videos 😉

    They don’t like that much!

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