CSA refused to hand over the money they owed

March 26, 2013

I recieved a phone call off the CSA requesting my bank details, the lady on the phone said they had 5years woth of payments to send me but they couldn’t figure why they could not send it and I would hear back in a few days, I thought this was a scam at first so I called them back and yes they do have payments in excess of £12,000 and refuse to hand the money over.

From the 1st call I received I was told the matter would be resolved in 1-2 days, the system was overloaded and senior management would issue a cheque asap…I have chased this up over the weeks and today I was told a new story by a 19yo with no manners and severe anger issues.

The whole experience with the CSA has caused undue stress and it is daylight robbery on a grandiose scale.

The CSA ruining precious relationships and robbing singles mums for almost 20 years!


  • Carrie says:

    That should have got them a bit of interest for the CSA coffers! Holding on to that ! Seriously if the pwc was on benefits prior to april 2010( before benefit disregard)they might be holding some back for the Secretary of State & have so sort out how much.No excuse for the rudeness of the young person on the telephone though ,The CSA should treat all clients with respect -their calls are recorded- although its funny how they ‘lose’ the ones that are important to back up any complaint !!

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