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CSA refused to accept the court order issued by the family court

I was awarded shared custody of my children by the courts in March 2009 and have them 3 nights every week and half of all the school holidays. My Ex contacted the CSA and they calculated that I only had them 2 nights every week!! (Don’t know how they worked this out). They would not accept the court order issued by the family court.

After 2 appeals to increase my nights to the correct amount of 3 were turned down, I went to a court tribunal in October 2009 and was granted the 3 nights, backdated to the court order date of March. After many frustrating phone calls, the result of the tribunal was finally actioned on my account in March 2011, 18 months later!!

I also had a wage reduction, due to the recession, in October 2009, my employer emailed and I rang them to tell them. This has not been actioned yet, nearly 3 years later!! Again lots of phone calls to them, but the appeals officer looking at my case couldn’t find any record of me contacting them about my wage reduction, yet a phone call from myself and I was told the dates, times and content of my many phone calls!! How can I find this out yet an appeal officer working for the CSA can’t?? I have now requested written copies of the phone calls and am awaiting their arrival to take to the Tribunal Service.

I have also make an official complaint about they way my case has been handled 25 working days ago. They rung to say they have received it, no other contact! Their “How to complain” leaflet states the complaint should be resolved within 15 working days but if it cannot, they will contact me to agree a timetable of events!! Do they even know how their own complaints proceedures work?

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  1. It will not be enough just to get details of the phone call. You need a decision to take to the Tribunal. You need to ask for the outstanding revision regarding your income to be carried out or a refusel letter to be issued it is that letter which carries appeal rights.

  2. With all the paperwork you have, go see your mp and demand that they help sort it out….csa only seem to listen to them, its a slow process but eventually it will get sorted, other than trying to do it yourself….don’t give up and never ring the csa, always email or send correspondence by recorded mail. They are meant to keep phone records, so in a letter ask for it under the freedom of information act. Good luck

  3. Kevin,

    Have you requested your Data Protection file yet?
    Your request should also include, all note pad sections which you require dated and a complete account breakdown.

    On receipt, it should contain ALL the info the agency hold on you, including IF it had been noted at the time, details of conversations in 2009 regarding your reduced wages.
    If you can show such was noted on your file at the time, the agency should carry out the re assessment, if the change meets their criteria.
    If no notes exist, the agency will not do a retrospective change of circumstances.

    Keep your correspondence to the agency in writing, keep copies and post signed for.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  4. Just echoing what Jay and Chall said. I have been in the CSA system since it was first set up and they have put me through hell. They phone on their 0800 or 0845 numbers. Unless your sure its not the CSA do not answer the phone. If they leave a message asking you to ring them, its all too easy to panic, like I used to and ring them back straight away. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM ON THE PHONE. I have learnt this through bitter experience. Deal only by email, if your able to get through their complicated system or by recorded delivery.

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