CSA refuse to move me onto new system

February 10, 2013

So angry!! I have one child with my ex who is now aged 13. I have been asking CSA to move me from the old system to the new system since it changed in 2003 but have been refused all the time.

I pay the full 30% – on earnings of £1600 I paid £444. Having remarried and had another child born this year I finally had a reason to get my payments reduced. I contact them and they say yes my payments should be reduced to £282.

Excellent. The Ex then complained to CSA about the reduction and pleaded poverty (despite the fact that she remarried and went on to have other children).

I then received contact that they had decided to move me onto the new scheme and because of that the reduction in my payments was capped to £5 per year over the next 5 years. This means that despite having a new baby to pay for, my payments have gone back up and I will have to overpay her over £4 over the next 5 years. By the time I am paying the correct amount my daughter will be 18. They say “it’s perfectly legal” – Legal it may be, but its also still immoral!!!

Just another example of CSA manipulating the system to screw people over and take as much as they possibly can.


  • brett says:

    Im on the old CSA1 system and asked to be put on CSA2 rules. The CSA told me once your on the old rules you stay on them ? Doesn’t surprise me as Im paying almost 25% net pay under the old rules and would be 15% under new rules.

  • Alice says:

    cases opened under the Old Rules system can only be moved over to the 2003 scheme if:
    1. the original case is closed by pwc and a new case opened on 2003 scheme – there has to be a 13 week gap between the original case being closed and the new case being opened.
    2. a 2nd case is opened with a new PWC – the 2nd case must be after the introduction of the 2003 scheme started

  • Jo says:

    If you’re on old rules ask for a new assessment or variation and put everything down that you pay for and your new child living in your household. On old rules a pwc income etc also comes into it, has she declared her new living arrangements and other children which she gets child benefit for and possibly tax credits.
    I would seriously get it looked into and don’t take what the csa say as gospel, if you now have a child in your household then this should be taken into consideration. If you have no joy then see your mp to get your case looked into.

  • John says:

    CSA 1, CSA 2, CSA 3. Surely this has to be deemed to be unfair, and possibly a breach of Human Rights.

    People under paying, people over paying, and others not paying at all. £3.8 billion remains uncollected whilst those in the system are repeatedly targeted for staff bonuses.

    This disgraceful, shambles will eventually be disbanded, and all its’ vicims will get their retribution, fpr the way that they have been treated.

    What happens between parents and THEIR children, is a persoanl matter for them to sort out, if needs be in the courts with professional trained people, and not with a bunch of bullying, feckless amateurs at the CSA, whose incompetence is beyond belief!

  • brett says:

    As far as the CSA are concerned, (CSA1 and CSA2 rules), children born before 3/3/2003 cost more. Anyone out there work that one out ?

  • nigel says:

    CSA old rules for me too-recently upped my payments 118% from 342 to 723 a month even though one less child at pwc house and one extra at mine – on new system it would be 353 a month! Have gone thru all complaints channels up to tribunial but they tell me they check figures, which are correct, but can’t change law and only the legislation can be changed for all of us in this situation. My mp, Gisela Stuart, is now looking into it and is appalled- she has written to the Minister for Work & Pensions, Steve Webb and shadow minister, Ann McGuire to ask for comments. This is all gonna get worse now there’s a new third system, started Dec12, coming slowly into force…where they will charge you a fee for their services too! If the computer system doesn’t cope again, as in 2003/4, there could be a 3 tier system. The CSA, to a degree, have hands tied because of legislation – which makes the system unfair, immoral and breaching human rights. However, without going through complaints procedures, tribunials, paliament and High Court, you can’t go to European Human Rights Courts – and a spare £20000-30000 to do it all! Without MPs lobbying for change, there is little we can do…..and mps don’t know/ understand the problem properly. Everyone needs to check out when their mp is running surgeries and be there, all facts and figures with you, and keep pestering them.

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