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CSA refuse to accept facts so they can continue to steal for as long as possible

So I have been paying £808 per month from my salary for my son , I informed the CSA that he is no longer in education since august , they refused to believe me , refused to contact my ex wife to confirm , I provided them with a letter from the school to confirm he left school in august which again they refused to accept . They have no informed me that the deductions will be stopped as they have realised their error , they became aware of the error on the 11th November but stilld educted money in November and have now informed me that they have still not written to my payrole provider to stop the deduction in December . this can only be described as theft and corruption. They have admitted they failed to take into account a payment of £450 I made to my ex wife in December 2016 and have never reduced my deductions to show this payment They refuse to provide me with a copy of the letter confirming this payment . They have now admitted that they failed to inform me that I should have changed from deductions to standing order after 6 months , and blame myself for not telling them to change it , even thou they never made me aware. I cannot believe the incompetence , they are the most corrupt organisation I have ever dealt with. I am tempted to take legal action against them for theft.

One thought on “CSA refuse to accept facts so they can continue to steal for as long as possible

  1. Hi David

    Like every other person associated with the CSA, you are being screwed. Apologies for being so crass but it really is an appropriate word in this instance. I can think of much worse ways of describing this institution.

    They really should have taken your evidence into account and acted appropriately. Clearly they have not and this in breach of both policy and law.

    if you are willing to fight this with representation, drop me a line at [email protected] or see


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