CSA really have not got a clue

August 29, 2013

I’m a Dad who is a NRP and I have been paying £400 a month for my 2 Girls which I don’t see as my Ex wife poisoned there minds!! Well the CSA did a attachment off earning on my wages which is the £400 a month, well I had arrears off £1500 which was being deducted out of the £400.

Well I had a phone call yesterday from the idiots at the CSA and they are now saying I have not paid anything for the last 10 months, but I have wage slips stating the money had been directly deducted and now they say I owe £3000 they really have not got a clue!! But I started a new job and im Self employed does that work in my favour now then??


  • John says:

    Your’e right CSA are clueless, sh-ts!

    Challenge everything they say and do! All contact should be done in writing, for evidential purposes. Don’t speak to them by phone. If they contact you by phone, make a complaint and ask your file to be marked ‘no phone contact’!

    Ask for proof of the alleged arrears. They stitched me up with £6400.

    Ask for a full breakdown of your account. Complain, complain and keep complaining!

    Get your M.P. involved.

    Regarding self-employed………they can only go on what’s in your bank accounts, and what goes through HMRC…..get my drift?

  • whysoserious says:

    Self employed is good. Pay a working friend all but £99.00 of your wages to become your PR. You’ll only have to pay £5.00 a week. Then your friend gives you back your money as a gift 😉

  • whysoserious says:

    Think about it… As long as this working friend takes a few of your calls you can pay them what ever you like. If you earn £400 a week I’d pay them £301 in wages and put that down in labour costs on your tax returns. You’ll only be left with £99.00 per week so you’ll only pay £5 basic a week. You friend can then just give it you back as a gift. Remember CSA sting you on earning, not weekly gifts to you or your new partner. All this sound dodgy but I will always find away out of anything. I live with my partner and my two children, I just like to think ahead.

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