CSA putting my children into poverty whilst others live like kings

January 14, 2011

My life right now is actual living hell, because of the CSA. My Husband is on the “old” system, he has always paid a large CSA bill, something which I have always agreed with, my Father didn’t pay a single penny to my upbringing and would hate to be with a man who did the same to his children.

My Husbands ex has always been a money grabbing cow…..he always paid over the odds due to living in a mess, he is in the RAF….and so was I till a year ago. Therefore, pennys rent was taken into account and nothing else…e.g no council tax or personal allowance because his food was inc in accomodation e.t.c. When we moved in together he asked for a reassesment and the CSA was lowered by £60, she went ape….I don’t care I’ll tell you he was paying £520 a month.

We married a year later and 11 months later I had our little boy. In Feb 2010 I was medically discharged from the RAF, I had lost my job and I was 6 months pregnant with our second child……I would like to add at this point we had not asked for a re-assesment at this point because my Husband and I were happy to keep paying the £420 for the other children.

I gave birth to my daughter in June and my Husband asked for a re=assesment in July, I was on mat allowance until this month and we knew we would start to struggle due to the fact that we had lost my wages and 2 extra mouths to feed. In December they came back that my Husband had to pay £0, after a 5 month wait we were disapointed with the result as we knew this could not be right and my Husband was not willing to pay nothing for his other 2 children. My Husband complained and was asked for more information i.e. wage slips.

At the end of Dec they told him his monthly payment would be £670. He has triple checked this and they insist it is correct. He is going for appeal and read in the pamplet that if your on the old system they do take the resident parents wage into account……though I read that if they get any tax credits there wage will not be looked at….is this true?

I will be honest, I was earning 25k…..I worked hard, since I was 16….I’ve been to warzones for gods sake, my husband earns 1,900 a month…we were not living beyond our means when I was employed, yet now we will barely afford to feed my 2 babies whilst she will take hundreds of pounds more a month to feed two teenagers.

I also found out that she takes 20% of my child benefit and tax credits, then why do they give it if it is a disposable income?
I am fed up and lost in a system that not even the CSA understand themselves….I’m shocked that they won’t take her earnings into account (she is a civil servant manager) and therefore on a fair whack, just because she gets tax credits that almost anyone can get.

I look into my babies eyes and know what a struggle this will be, I just don’t know where else to turn and can’t believe this system is putting 2 babies into poverty so that 2 others can live like kings.


  • Mum of 3 says:


    I’m in a similar situation, the CSA only seem to take into consideration the children the claim is made for any others just get mixed up as part of their flawed “formula”. When my daughter was born we were given a £1 a week reprieve on the payments, how on earth can they think one child costs hundreds and one costs pence!

  • j says:

    I seriously dont think the csa has anything to do with helping the children of a separated family. I truly believe its a taxpayer funded scam created by a senior civil servant to provide work for low grade civil servants who would not get work in the private sector, hence the siting of offices in areas of high unemployment and a massaging of unemployment figures, after all its not a ‘proper’ job and doesn’t contribute to the greater good of society as evidenced by the fact that it costs more to run than it collects. Stories like this one ‘CSA putting my children into poverty whilst others live like kings’ make me sick and angry.

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