CSA policy is a joke!

June 30, 2015

So my ex wife decided to tell me twice says after Xmas in 2003 that she didn’t love me anymore. We have two children who were 18 months and 3 years old. She told me to leave the marital home after a year of marriage and the same day , that afternoon she moved my best friend in.

I was husband number 3 and she had 5 children before my two.

She divorced me and it was like a whirl wind ,she obviously was old hat at this process .I signed the forms and agreed to pay £200 a month for our children .She moved 60 miles away and I moved back in with my parents.

Three years ago I met someone new and we moved in together, I still kept up with my payments and never missed on.

Due to the rent we pay, which is the lowest property priced rent, our income is all accounted for like so many others.

My ex wife has now gone to the csa and now demanding an extra £100 a month!

Now I didn’t break up this marriage, I lost everything, my kids, family, home, marriage and even best friend.. So CSA why am I being penalised??

I have never missed a payment and I’m guessing this us jealousy on her account.

She also has 6 different surnames which she goes under… None of this makes sense.

My question is.. Why isn’t each case accessed individually???

Again, I never chose this, she called the shots and then took my children and moved away…

I’m just a mechanic, I haven’t had a pay rise in 8 years and yet everything else has gone up.

Where as she, she has a full-time job, his wage, all her other siblings are non dependants…

CSA, MPs, tell me, sorry advise me what I should do?

I tell you I have a meeting with CAB and to put my case on hold and yet you send me a letter stating this week I’m in arrears by £19…

This government policy is a joke!

What happened to being a free country and everyone being counted, … I’d be better off quitting my job!


  • Gonk says:

    Mate…I’m in your gang 100% morally, why the hell should you pay her a penny? Instead bang it away for your kids or what you can afford, at least that way, your kids see something for that rainy day or uni fees, new car etc etc and not the bloody greedy ex milking you dry off the back of your kids and pissing it away.
    And oh yes yes indeed. Why the fuck should you be penalised for your wife dumping on you?
    I feel for you. My ex shit on me, left me for a German she was cyberwhoring with and went to live in Germany with him and took my then 3 yr old with her because she wanted to be with him and wanted him to raise my daughter and play daddy to her. Lol….fucking rich ain’t it. We the ones shit on and have to pay the skanks for the privilege. All wrong, all wrong. Not against providing for my daughter but totally against providing for her mother and new partner. Each case should be assessed according to circumstances,including her walking away from a caring,unviolent husband and good father, providing a home for his family, and she should be penalised.
    The CSA stinks and is heavily biased in favour of the pwc.
    We my friend are ATM machines for the ex to bleed dry, our kids are the cash cows for the ex

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