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CSA penalise the wrong people

Hi looking through all of the comments above im shocked at how unbalanced all 5his is m partner who I have been with 12 years and 3 children 2 his and one from a previous relationship found out 3 years ago that he has another daughter who was 8.

At the time he was 14 when the child was conceived and wasnt told till 8 years later shocking !!so we have our family unit and this came as a total shock for u only for the other mother to decide that after 8 years and after acusing 4 other boys of being the dad because we did a ibternet dna test that came back positive that she wanted his money!!!

He had a good job which thanks to tue csa demands of £80 a week for a child he has never met he has stopped and gone self employed it was the only choice we had my my eldest son is is disabled so they was calculated all tax credits ect on this which is absolutely discusting.

Its now 3 years aftrr he found out and the csa still continuously harras him he has been put on anti depressents because of all the stress og it all my my family are suffering whilst she just swans around and d9snt see she has done anything wrong my piont is the csa are Sh*t and penalise the wrong people bit we will f8ght them all the way.

2 thoughts on “CSA penalise the wrong people

  1. So you have been with him for 12 years and 3 years ago you found out he had a daughter who was 8.
    That was 11 years ago so he had an affair…? Maybe he should keep it in his pants?

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