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CSA pays my mom even though I live with my nan so I get no support

I’m 16 and my mom and dad split up when I was around 1 which was around 2002 and I lived with my mom which when I had csa money coming through to help look after me but I moved in with my Nan and my mom still claims to have the money to her but I’m struggling with money so is their a way I can tell someone I’m living with my Nan and that It should come to me as I’ve asked my mom plenty of times but she just don’t give it me and it really isn’t fair on me and also my Nan who has to look after me and has no support.

2 thoughts on “CSA pays my mom even though I live with my nan so I get no support

  1. Some moms are selfish like that. But csa don’t care as long as they are getting thier cut . They will pay your mom.

  2. If your Nan is taking care of you, she can claim for child support in her own right and your mum will be left out in the cold with no CS coming in. You no longer live with her and therefore there has been a change of circumstances which she is legally obligated to tell the CMS about. The Child Support should stop for her and this should go to your Nan instead.

    If you need help with this, get your Nan to contact me at [email protected]


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