CSA payments too high

September 4, 2010

I have been assesed by the csa now for £88 a week. This is because they have taken into account overtime which has been payed to me over the last few months. this overtime is not garunteed, i have now worked out that if i have a pay cheque with no overtime then the csa will be basically taking a hell of a lot of money that i cannot afford to loose. I am also paying for a contact centre to see my daughter after my ex decided to lie through her teeth to the court about me.

I was under the impression that overtime that was not garunteed cannot be taken into the claim amount. Is this correct?




  • Brokenfather says:

    Yes, overtime is taken into account regardless of whether or not it is guaranteed, however they should be looking at what you annual average is for that rather than just a few months.

  • chall says:

    Hi Ross Barry,

    An assessment will take into account a period covering the effective date and includes any O/T.

    When your overtime ceases, email the agency from their website and advise them of such (keep 2 copies of the reciept you can print off).
    Once you have enough wageslips ( 2 x monthy OR 5 x weekly) . Send (signed for) photocopies of wageslips and 1 of the reciepts informing them of the change.

    chall – afairercsaforall.co.uk

  • Tommy Glass says:

    the just pull some random amount and say pay that iam still waiting for a breakdownof what i owe but have no probssending me letters demanding money csa rapes the arse out of ya cunts what they are

  • Stephen Webster says:

    Might be best to send them some pay slips that don't have over time on it but must be newer payslips than the ones u sent them and ask the to review it again

  • Allan Morrell says:

    This was a reason I once had to state 2 my ex that I only received a certain amount, she reported back to CSA the amount I recieved, they made the calculations, they never knew of my overtime. I dint even let the ex know, just told her my basic. If supplying pay cheques 2 CSA, dont declare your overtime….. guarenteed or not, do not tell the CSA. They will take the balancefor themselves if your ex is on benefits and consider as extra income, they then deduct this extra amount from the ex's benefits. Guess what, u'v just bin stealth taxed by CSA. poor child has had their CSA payments stolen from them by CSA, the CSA will and do tax your children. The CSA will continue to demand the same payments even if you have no more overtime, unless you provide the payslips without overtime.

  • Susan Ward says:

    The same happened to my Husband, They don't care they just want the money to give to lying exe's. Well I say enough is enough, Its not always the nrp is at fault but the pwc.They can go out 4 times a week and we are left with nothing. Fed up with the nrp getting the hardstuff, there are women out there who use the csa for nothing but revenge on their ex and the new family. Why should we suffer through liars who say they were left with nothing when nrp's are paying them cash in hand,paying the bills so the kids don't lose out and paying off loans that the ex is still using.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    When your ex says "you will never find anyone like me" and you reply "God I sure hope not…"

  • prohonesty2019 says:

    all you need to do is have 2 new consequtive payslips showing no overtime- as soon as you stop overtime- phone them and notify them and then send your payslips in- that way they will back date it to the date it stopped(or when u notified them if you forget to do it straight away)

  • tony says:

    i am having csa hell , i come to private agreements with my ex twat of a partner , liar that she is, : then she back out of it – ignores me as csa are saying i owe 2000 but she currently was getting 66 a week then csa decided hey thats not enough youve worked some overtime and yes i clearly did and now they want 216 a week its fucking wrong – basically she gets 15% off anything i earn – she has two other children with another guy and he must by csa rules pay 20% for them – that means for three children she get 35% off two peoples earnings that means weekly who the fuck needs to work when your on to such a great deal oh and she now gets to keep all her benefits – she is minted – our government needs to sort these fucking loopholes out its fucking wrong

  • james says:

    i have worked overtime the past two months and have been paying regularly in to my ex bank account as to what csa recommended but suddenly i have had a letter sent from csa asking for nov/dec wageslips as she knew i had done overtime for those two months. the rest of the year i have the normal income. Will they start taking extra off me because of a difference in only 2 months wage when rest of year is same each month?

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