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CSA payments mean we have to sell our car and lose our jobs

Hi, my partner left his ex when his son was 2 years old. Mainly due to being unhappy and her abusing him mentally and physically. He paid her £50 a week for approx a year and a half, then he heard from the CSA. She claimed he didn’t pay her a penny for that time so CSA took her word against his. He is a lovely honest man who absolutely loves his son more than anything. His son is now 13, and the ex will not let him see him without 2 weeks notice.

When this is given she still says no. They have joint custody, but she still wont let him see him. My partner was made redundant in march/april last year and didn’t start his new job until march this year. He informed the CSA of all changes, but surprise they claim that he did not.

He had an assessment done a couple of months ago to find out how much he needs to start paying again, but we heard nothing for a while. We have now just had another one done, and apparently he is in arrears of nearly £7k how on earth did they work that out.

The other thing was in their letter they admitted they got it wrong the first time and charged him £5k less than they should of. How is that his fault? And why should he have to pay that much when he did everything right? A DOE has been issued and he will lose £591 out of his £960 a month….for the next 5 years!!!!! This has to be wrong. We were made homeless earlier this year because our land lady want to sell the flat we were renting. And because my partner wasn’t earning we couldn’t afford to rent anywhere else. It’s taken us 7 months to build ourselves up again and start paying off debt. The CSA don’t take that into concideration. We now can’t afford to pay rent where we live again and will basically be made homeless again.

We will also have to sell the car which means neither of us can get to work, which means we will lose our jobs. How can this be justified? It just upsets me that this is happening to us and it’s screwed us up for the next 5 years, whilst his ex lives in a bought house with her husband and my partners son, which she gets child benifits for aswell.

We work really hard and have worked really hard to get things up and running for us when to be honest he’s better off not working.

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  1. the csa can legally take up to 40% of a net wage, on the figure of £960 you quoted they can take £384, ask them to check the figures and have them amended if they are wrong. Also ask for a client statement to show where the arrears have accrued from . They will not charge for the period before your partner’s ex brought the case to the csa, again the client statement will show the date the first charge was made. The CSA also have a debt steer which states that arrears are to be collected within 2 years, if it is going to take more than that they will apply for a Liability Order so again I question the fact that you are saying he will have a DEO imposed at that level for 5 years to pay off the debt – they will stretch the boundries by a matter of weeks but not 3 years
    contact the csa and ask for more details

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