CSA payments kill us all

April 11, 2011

My partner has a daughter aged 12 to another woman we share a son aged 6. we have been together for the last 7 years and this year his ex decided that she wanted alot more money than we were already paying her. She contacted the csa and to my suprise they stated that my partner should pay £234 a month child maintenence. My partner works full time and earns £1000 a month out of this we have rent council tax and all other bills to pay at the end of the month we are left with 17 per week to spend.

We have tried to contact the csa reguarding the figures but they state we must pay the full amount which includes a carers allowance for the mother for looking after his daughter. Why does she get paid to look after a lkife that she was 50% responsible for creating. I will tell you why its because my partners ex refuses blindly to let my partner see his daughter she says that he is dead to her and he was only ever the sperm donor.

We have been to see a solicitor several times as to get access but we are no longer entitled to free legal aid and the mother doesnt turn up to mediation sessions that we have paid 100+ for. How can she be allowed to do this i know men offen avoid the fact that they create children and are quick to avoid paying for them but my partner does nothing but pay money it seems thats all she wants is the money.

She agreed to a private agreement but now she is wanting more as the csa have told her she can get more we dont know wot to do as we are seriously financially struggling ourselves. I could understand if her daughter went without things but she has been on holiday abroad 3 times paid for by us she has had clothes n money for school as and when she needs it all this doesnt matter to the csa they are set out to ruin peoples lives and should always listen to both sides and not just take take take.


2 Responses to “CSA payments kill us all”

  1. kelly on May 6th, 2011 2:35 pm

    your a disgrace, do you even realise how hard it is for a lone parent to bring up a child? your saying your left with nothing a week, how do you think she feels? if the tables was turned and it was you in her shoes would you be complaining? i think not

  2. joanne shier on October 7th, 2011 9:40 am

    I was a single parent and managed ok, and I worked so please tired of being tied to the struggling single parent band, my kids went with nowt, and I had no help from their dad. I’m now an nrpp, and have to pay out 600.00 a month for one child whilst the ex lives on benefits etc etc, and he left her the house, paid for the children, had them 4 days a week, he gets no handouts, who do you think pays for that?, he does for working. Also read the post, they are having to pay to try and get access, doesn’t sound like a deadbeat to me, shouldn’t be all about money, you don’t create children for financial investment. Not everything is so black and white. If you are living in hardship, ask for reassessment and get your mp involved.

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