CSA payments for those recieving war pensions

January 27, 2012

My husband started paying CSA back in 1999 for his 2 kids whilst he was in the forces. he was medically discharged in 2000 and recieved a tax excempted disablement pension.

He finished paying in 2010 and have since been filing the csa statements in the loft and discovered that all this time he’s had his full disablement pension taken by the CSA (as well as he’s normal wage) as an additional income! I’ve recently had my 1st child and noticed that the inland revenue do not require you to include non taxable pensions in you household income when applying for child tax credit but the CSA do?? I have also spoken to the ILR who have confirmed this.

So if this is a mistake we’re talking about a payment for £79.56 taken every week for 10 years!!! I’ve spent the evening looking for info regarding non taxable incomes but am unsuccessful, can anyone clarify weather its worth persuing this…..


  • joanne says:

    Yes, they should of only Bern taking the flat rate of 5.00 a week, I talk to a guy going through the same and he’s waiting to be refunded, keep on at them x

  • No Name says:

    If he is on the old rules they use the WDP as income with your salary or whatever wages you get. If he is on the new rules ie 2003 onwards then his WDP would entitle him to pay the flat rate of £20 per month.

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