CSA payments are too high

April 8, 2012

I am very angry at the whole csa thing at the moment, my husband has paid it for his daughter her whole life and does it willingly even though he never gets to see her.

Me and my husband both work hard to support ourselves and now the csa has gone up again making it very difficult to pay out rent while his ex does not work even though there daughter is 15 and in full time education instead she spends her days having coffie with friends and spending her weekends going out clubbing while i am putting in 60 hour weeks to afford both our house and the csa payments how can this be fair, i would love nothing more than to start a family with be husband and be a mother myself and do not begrudge my husbands daughter anything my husband should contribute towards her upbringing but i do not think it is right that i not only dont have the time to make a child due to all the overtime i am being forced to do but i couldnt afford one either as im paying for weekend out at the local pubs and clubs for my husbands ex.

My husband is also working 60 hour weeks so that we can afford to live and it is becoming a tremendous strain on us both.


  • Carol says:

    Why was the maintenance suddenly went up? Are there arrears involved? On the CSA website there is a maintenance calculator based on your net wage which should guide you to how much your partner should be paying.

    It is very very frustrating dealing with the Agency. My partner is paying alot every month aswell which is unaffordable for us. I have 2 kids with my partner and am better off being a single parent and the pressure the CSA puts a family under that is looking like the only option.

  • KMcQ80 says:

    DON’T let the CSA ruin your relationship.

  • Colin says:

    Its the same for me, my 15 year old son left his mum in June 11 and now lives with me. I immediately let the CSA know. They took until Christmas to resolve the chnage in payments and only did this when I stopped handing money over. All I ever got was excuse after excuse about faults on the system. Everytime I contacted them I had to waste time going through security and speaking to different advisors who gave me different advice. (I should mention that my daughter (10) still lives with her mum). I have to pay out hundreds of pounds a month while she gives me just twenty six for the 15 year old who she has not spokne to since June. The whole system seems wrong. I think once ten years has passed or the children are in their teens a point should be reached where you are expected to stand on your own two feet. Its bad enough having to pay out the amount of tax we do let alone having to fund our ex’es cafe lifestyle! I made it clear from July that I wanted to make a counter claim but they never created it using the excuse that they could not until my payment change was resolved. Finally in January they created the counter claim saying that I should complain about the bugs in the system. I did and this appear to have fallen on stoney ground.

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