CSA Payment Structure

July 12, 2011

The CSA is ridiculous! They speak to the non resident parent like they are criminals and are only out to get as much as they can and are so unhelpful and unprofesional.

My argument is why does one persons child cost more than anothers? Its not about funding anyones lifestyle, Why does that even come into it?
It’s about providing for your childs general needs, Food and Clothing, Not the full cost but a shared cost.

If the government decides that child benefit is a one size fits all regardless of income then why do CSA see different? I work full time and now i am struggling like mad, my ex is living it up earning more money than she has ever seen before. Going on holidays and nights out at my expense.

My children get all they want clothes and toys etc … All the ex does is spend the rest of the money on herself because it is too much.
The CSA should use the same system as the government use to calculate child benefit. It is more than enough and wouldnt be discriminating against people for the job they do and how well they have done in there jobs!

Something has to be done because this is completely biased and wrong. Who do you write to and does anyone listen to the non resident parent?

Let me know if you feel the same?



  • David Harney says:

    Totally agree. Both me & my present wife have been victimized & criminalized by the csa. Fathers who do not have access to their children are treat worse than murderers, whilst the Mothers quite frankly, take the micky! Many good fathers & good men have been driven to suicide by the treatment & victimization of the csa. How long does this evel treatment have to be accepted?

  • mick says:

    Well said, I’m at court tomorrow £22000 worth of arrears apparently ,they can’t even tell me how I’ve accrued such a some my present wife and children are at our whits end,I see my kids regularly,talk on phone and facebook when I’m working but I’m the bad guy,like you say bringing up kids should be shared and not burdened onto one person

  • KMcQ80 says:

    Spot on!
    My wife was unfaithful – I divorce her – she wins custody of our daughter and I am treated like low life by the CSA.
    As you say it’s about shared cost not supporting your ex’s lifestyle – she’s having TWO holidays this year and I can’t afford one.
    You are not alone.

  • John says:

    The system is a shambles. The staff are incompetent.

    The serious fraud office should investigate this lot. They are scamming vulnerable non resident parents, with lies and taking amounts of money from them that nobody has a clue whether the amounts taken are correct. Some under pay, some over pay, some don’t pay at all and have never paid.

    Those who do pay are being discriminated against, because there are those who do NOT pay!

    I am writing and continue to write to Cameron, Clegg and CMEC, to tell that that non resident parents are being discriminated against!

    I want all of my money paid to date, returned with interest and compensation, because eventually there will be a successful legal challenge, that will mean that all monies paid to date by non resident parents will have to be re-paid!

    What happens between parents and children is for parents to sort out. Not a pen-pushe. Not a political puppet, and not a run for profit quango, run by executives!

  • karen bedford says:

    I totally agree and I was a PWC the people who suffer are both the NRP and PWC who want to support their children due to the system being flawed and the people who ‘win’ are the people who dont support their children whether they be NWP or PWC. The system was set up very short sighted but because the government wanted to get it out of the court system as prob the judges had enough of it but it never worked in face made things worse than better. Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others too for free advice and support who have gone through similar probs.

  • John says:

    As a person who has dealt with the corrupt CSA for 11 years, I know all the in and outs. My case was supported by my M.P. to the Ombudsmans office, for prolonged and continuous maladministration.

    The Ombudsman ‘whitewashed’ my complaints, and I continue to be a victim of maladministration and discrimination. The lot of them are as thick as theives and corrrupt!

    The best way of bringing down the CSA, is for there to be a successful challenge either through the European Human rights courts. If a case succeeds it will then open the legal process up for all CSA victims to challenge for repayment of maintenance and compensation for damages in suffering caused by them

    I believe that day will come and when it does, ALL of its’ victims will have their revenge!

  • Sonya says:

    There is no sense in anything that the CSA do we have been battling with them fo 5 years now and they allege that we owe arrears of over £17,000 but no-one will explain why???? Should we not all be rising up together to try and fight this corrupt system.

  • Rob says:

    I totally agree 100%. Like John i cling to the hope that this unjust and corrupt practice by the CSA will go to the european courts of human rights. I for one will be at the front of the queue to make a claim. i have now paid in the region of £88,000 in total yet when i speak to them i am afforded the same treatment as someone who is avoiding paying.I have good relationship with my children but my memories of their childhood has been ruined by the C-orrupt S-ystem of A-dministration.

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