CSA passed my case to the criminal compliance team

December 8, 2012

I have recently started receiving csa for my son, i receive these payments through deductions of earnings from my ex partner’s employer, but for the last two months the employer has made the payments a few weeks late. CSA have wrote several letters to the employer explaining that he needs to make these payments by the 19th of each month or he could face up to a £1000 pound fine.

CSA have now passed this on to the criminal compliance team to investigate the matter further. CSA have tried contacting the employer and have not been able to get in touch with the employer.

CSA have also said that if the employer is to call and make a full payment using a debit card and if this was to happen they would not continue with the criminal compliance team to investigate further.


  • Alice says:

    yeah that’s what happens if an employer doesn’t pay, they are breaking the law and the criminal compliance team are the guys who can fine them if they don;t pay – usually a phone call from those guys gets the employers paying on time

    if not the CCT go round to the employer and interview them under caution – an employer failing to pay can be fined per missed payment

  • stuart says:

    Or maybe the CSA have not proven to the employer that the employee is the liable person, in which case they are more than entitled to not pay the money requested.

  • chall says:

    Quote nina;
    CSA have wrote several letters to the employer explaining that he needs to make these payments by the 19th of each month or he could face up to a £1000 pound fine.

    An employer has until the 19th of the FOLLOWING month after the deduction has been made, to send it to the CSA.

    I would be tempted to write and ask for a complete account breakdown (showing all dates and amounts due, paid in & out) re your case, from the CSA.
    Once in receipt you will be able to see if the employer is failing to make payments as instructed OR whether the CSA are just being slow at allocating such to you?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Alice says:

    if the case has been passed to CCT the payments must be late – if a case is referred to them and the payments are not late or the correct letters statutory warning letters have not been issued to the employer for late/non-payment the CCT office would reject the referral.

    The CSA also do not have to prove to the employer that the employee is liable to pay, that is between the CSA and the NRP, a DEO is a legal document which must be complied with by the employer regardless of whether they consider the NRP to be liable to pay or not.

    As Chall says the employer has until the 189th of the month after the deductions are taken from the employees salary to submit payment to the agency, late payments (usually prompted by a call from the PWC) will result in a case officer phoning the employer to ask for immediate payment, if it has been a simple oversight on the employers part and payment is made within a day or 2 of the call then usually the case is not referred to CCT, a warning letter will be issued so that if the problem occurs again a referral can be made immediately. If the problem persists then the case will be referred to CCT as long as the warning letters etc have been issued

  • nina greaves says:

    csa explained and expressed to me that there main concern is to get regular payments from the employer on time,neither of these have happened ,the employer is not making regular payments let alone on time,what can i do as this is making me feel very frustrated.

  • Cat says:

    Hi I’ve had problems with Csa for years gets lies all the time if anyone is having problems got to your indepented case examiner they will help

  • Amanda Philpotts says:

    Have had to raise a complaint including the criminal compliance team not responding back from internal messages sent to them they are now trying to say they have overpaid me after collecting from deductions of earnings arrears . and send me a letter in May 13 of a payment plan for payments to me of approx weekly £99. and then not receiving anything to Dec 13 of £5 per week with no explanation and several calls . I now have to wait up to 28 days as quoted by the supervisor for the complaints team to respond to my complaint , even though gov.uk website says 15 days for response . they tried to brush of an error they made was made in the past and some notes are archived . complained about the haphazard way accounts are looked into and only fully checked if go to criminal compliance . #unbelievable

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