CSA paid another parent with care

April 22, 2012

My claim has been ongoing with the Csa for over a year now. They have made numerous mistakes in payment schedules etc which resulted in me receiving no money at all.

They eventually got the correct details, amounts and was supposed to start receiving £120 (£80 regular and £40 arrears) on the 19th of each month through a deductions of earnings order, beginning in November 2011. The 19th came and gone and no payment. Then I waited for the December payment.Still nothing. I called and got vague reasons as to why this was. I phoned everyday for 3 weeks solid (which cost me a fortune!!!) Everytime i got told they had sent an internal message and that my payments were getting stuck on the secondary system! January came and no money again. In February after dozens of phonecalls i eventually received £42?? No where near what it should have been. In March i got £58??! A bit more but still not even covering my regular amount.

Last week I’d had enough and stayed on the phone for over an hour and demanded that they get to the bottom of this. Afterall they had confirmed the employer was ending in the correct amounts so why was it not getting to me? I eventually spoke to a supervisor who told me that their account sheets had not been updated correctly and that my money was sitting there just waiting to be released. It was for £££’s and that I would receive it in 5 working days. I was over the moon. Needless to say I never received it….Even after 2 weeks!!!

I contacted them by telephone again and was informed that my money had been getting sent to the other parent with care that was on the case. My ex has two children to his ex-wife and one with myself. After all my phonecalls over months how had they not picked up on this!! I’m so angry at them. I asked if they can reclaim my missing money of the next payment that will be sent in from his employer (nearly £400) and they point blank told me no as it would cause the other parent with care financial hardship!

They have told me it can take 12 weeks for them to decide what plans they will take to recover my money and at what amount the other parent with care should pay it back! Surely this is not right.

They are supposed to improve the quality of childrens life so surely they should have to fix their mistake by giving me the money that my ex has paid and then they worry about how they reclaim it!! My worry is that my ex stops working, then there will be no money to reclaim 🙁


  • Carol says:

    Lodge a formal letter of complaint over their maladministration. Like you say you have already lost out on maintenance, cost of telephone calls to sort it out, and your ex may leave employment so you will end up with nothing! Also let them know you want reimbursed for the cost of calls due to their incometence.

    What a disgrace this Agency is, regardless of whether you are a PWC or NRP.

  • This is so disgusting it’s almost funny. If you told someone who’d had no involvement with the Child Support Agency at all what they were like, they wouldn’t believe you. It’s absurd to think they could take money from the NRP and, instead of giving it to the PWC for their child, they give it to someone else entirely. Then, instead of admitting their mistake, apologising and rectifying it immediately, they dither around for weeks telling the PWC she’ll have to wait for this other person to pay back her money to them, before they finally give it to her.

    Absurd. Nobody would believe they were that bad. Unless of course they’d experienced it for themselves, like we all have. You have my sympathies on this. Complain long and complain hard, make them apologise about this and make them squirm. This is completely unnaceptable and is one of those mistakes that highlights just how bad they are, and why we’d be better off without them.

    Keep us posted on what happens.

  • karen bedford says:

    Unfortunately I had this happen to me too! Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for advice and support.

    Carol – quite agree

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