CSA owes me money, when will I get it?

November 1, 2010

I split with my partner over 20 years ago and since 1995 have recieved ARREARS in maintenance from him through the CSA, I have always worked and up untill July 2010 my payments were recieved with only the odd phone call from me to the CSA to remind them i hadn’t recieved my money – The last contact I had with the CSA was in December 2009 when i was informed the payments would end in 2012 as there was still more than £5,000 owed – However, in July 2010 I hadn’t recieved any money and when i called the CSA was told I had been paid all my arrears and the rest of the money is now owed to the state? I complained to he CSA and was given a complaints officer (Trudy Parsk), intially she said although she intends to investigate my complaint she couldn’t give me a time line on when it would be resolved.

I contacted my local MP who advised me to contact the CSA and tell them the open time line is unacceptable, once i did this suddenly Ms Parsk told me she was almost finished and would have an answer for me in a few days! Ms Parsk rang me last week and told me in her calculation I am still owed approx £1,500, however, becasue the system is set to send the money to the state she can’t pay me and she will have to contact the system company to find out if the computer can be reversed to allow them to pay me or they will have to pay me manually?

When i asked her if the monies from July to October could be released she said no as she would have to wait to get a response from the systems supplier before she can do anything and will call me in 5 days (the time the systems supplier must respond to her query?)!!

She also told me she hopes I APPRECIATE all the work she has put in to sorting out this complaint as there is 1,000’s of complaints that dont get such attention!!!!! They want me to apologise for their mistake…….

So the CSA have admitted owing me money but wont pay me when is this Government Agency going to be held responsible for the sham of parents not recieving legitimnate payments!!!!

Help Please…..


  • Jim Rigley says:

    They take £500 per month off me, my ex claims she gets only £200 and wants more off me…. explain that CSA!

  • Trevor Franks says:

    isnt 200 pounds enough for your x let alone 500 pounds "much wants more"

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I think the CSA owes the NRP much more… CSA downfall and destruction by order of government and the citizens of the UK will be paid the appropriate due amount!!!!!

  • Kev Blythe says:

    all of this cash / money be taken from the nrp just encourages nrp to earn as much as they can on the qt. Please remember we all have a very powerful weapon that the csa cant control cash.

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    What does the CSA have to do with children's money? The exact amount that is deducted from the NRP should be paid to the PWC as soon as the money is deducted.We are owed money too and any time my ex has a change in his circumstances, these people STOP the child support for god knows how long only because they gotta "recalculate" things. But this has nothing to do with the arrears we havent received still. CSA is full of crap!

  • Nikki Halliwell says:

    If you are receiving benefits you are supposed to get child maintenence money because I do

  • Paula Halsey says:

    This has confirmed my every thing the agency should clearly be called GOVERNMENT SUPPORT AGENCY, No chance the arrears owed to me will arrive. in the remote chance that they actually arrived on time, with the agreed amount my son will be 55 years old. However the payments don't arrive on time, and the monthly amount agreed is never correct.

  • Phil Lee says:

    Is all the above stress worth 5k? move on for gods sake.. you can do so much and then it interferes with your life in such a destructive way.. so don't let it.. take whatever it is you get and be happy – just drag the CSA all over theplace re their admin, copies of files/reports etc and live yoru life free of the burden of this human rights smashing monster we call the CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY.. what a joke.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    I agree, the stress aint worth it, you only hurt yourself and your child sees this….. Let your child see you happy…. forget about the money and allow your love for your child to keep you and your child happy!!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Love is more important than money!!!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Non compliants will always be non compliants… live your life…. not stress!!!!

  • Karl Garrett says:

    difficult to be stress free when your future is being shattered & you have nowhere to life….but thats OK I suppose. The CSA steal hope, plain & simple. I have been close to suicide due to these wank**ers before, and if they turn on me again, I'm not sure I have the mental resources to suffer another blow.

  • Allan Morrell says:

    Karl, I am assuming that you are an NRP? I suspect this by your comment of having nowhere to live…. obviously you'v managed to get a roof over your head since the time you'd been homeless…. I feel your stress too but you can find a different outlook, if you need anyone to talk to about such issues… I'll listen and provide any advice that i can if you request it…!!!!I clearly assume you have felt the wrath of a greedy, selfish arrogant PWC….

  • Tracy Jackson says:

    My kids are owed £24k by their non-compliant father. I've given up hope now. They're used to the disappointment of not having what their friends have (holidays, bikes, house thats not falling apart, father that cares ) and they're more understanding of those who have even less than us. I'm struggling on £1500 p.m to keep up mortgage and c/tax but at least i'ts ours. Love IS more important than money, but its hard not to be stressed when people are threatening me with court because I paid the council tax late a couple of times (thats you Enfield council..all for £200 ..you bastards!!) As the split with your ex was 20 yrs ago I assume the children are now adults, if you can live without the money let go and move on, i'ts not like you have to decide whether to feed and clothe them or pay bills.

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    It's hard not to stress when you rely on child support every month. Times are hard nowadays, especially if the other parent is gone off trying to avoid payments.

  • Peter Anderson says:

    The CSA are not interested in you! There is nothing in it for them! The CSA is only interested in cases where the CSA will receive the money and keep it! When will people understand why it was really set up? It has nothing to do with child support. The whole thing is a fraud!

  • deb hutton says:

    i lost everything my home ,my job and left with 84k of debts ,selling everything as i believed when divorcing 50/50 and hell support kids please 15 yrs ltr realise i was so niave ,this man had excellent accountants and managed to get away with the minimum of 10.00 a month for 15yrs ,claiming thats all he was earning ,it didnt matter when i reported him ,or what and where working ,he was having three holidays has two homes and im still dependant on a partner who has helped us all the way brought up his childen and his own and he gets away with it ,iknow there are those way overcharged but there are those who get nothing but the piss takn out of them and now his kids passed that age of csa wants to start being friends wow

  • ken normington says:

    CSA i have been paying csa for ten years the bloody csa sent me a letter saying i owed 10k i complained they then told me i owed 8 k i complained again i sent them 12k worth of receipts low and behold they lost them after three months i received my receipts back which was proof that i had paid my ex signed by me and her ,they were stamped by the csa as received but they said that they had not received them liars i telephoned them and told them what i thought they reported me to the police saying i was going to commit sucide once again the police came i told them that i had said to the csa that they were driving me mad ,,,the reason they called the police is that if i was mad enough to commit sucide they were afraid they would not get paid i earn 206 a week and no more income and they still take 31.00 per week my rent went up and they will not take that into consideration please any new people who pays there ex wife cash take my advise get her to sign a receipt in duplicate with her signiture and yours also most important do not lose them as i guarantee that ur ex will at some stage say that you have not paid a penny and you will by law have to repay the money you have already paid i kept my receipts and send them registered post to the csa as they will say they have lost them and thats the truth i contested my payments over the years and i have now only got nine months to pay her the csa even threatned to have me locked up if i did not pay what they asked for this was over the phone but when i spoke to another member of the csa they denied any thing had been said once again they lied the csa just lie lie lie i even got told that i owe now one thousand pounds which i am still contesting as i have the receipts but i am waiting for them to contact me again the csa is a waste of space they lie they make things up they agree for you to make a certain payment then they change there mind s there full of shit ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • skippydo says:

    Move on your wasting your time with the CSA. You started it, so call them and close the case and move your like on.

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