CSA only supports the deadbeat dads

August 7, 2012

My divorce became final 12/11 and i obtained a child sup order on 3/29/12. i am the custodial parent of 3 boys and my ex husb only sees them everyother wknd from 10 am – 7 pm w/no overnights. He had Wednesday eveing visits but he lost those as he stopped showing. He rares even shows for his wknd visits.

My child sup order was set to go into place on 6/1/12 and my ex husb did start to pay. He did start shorting the money so because of the judges advice i went thru child sup svcs. Well low and behold the people that I thought was out to help me turns out that they should really be called Deadbeat Dad Support Svcs.

They are now taking me to court to get my child support order reduced to zero because my ex husb has refused to work now that he has a $200k divorce settlement and is living comfortably on it at his parents house. I am a cust svc rep not a high earner and i bought him out of our house to keep a roof over the childrens heads so my mortgage is higher. I am so confused as the agency that I thought was out to help children want to allow my childrens father to get away from paying for them. I will fight this though.

This is my story.


  • Sally says:

    I’m afraid that the ONLY reason the CSA is here is to make the Government money!!! They do not care about the childs welfare or needs… (or the PWC/NRPs for that matter) it’s all about money and the CSA meeting their targets.

    I don’t know anyone who is satisfied with the CSA… they will not go out of their way to help you or anyone else….. unless they are gaining from it.

    Some people have involved their MP and that has helped, others have been persistent (for years) and been successful but predominantly, the only people who actual gain from this are the CSA!!!

    I’m sure ‘chall’ will provide you with some worthwhile information and support as she seems to know the system very well.

    Good Luck

  • chall says:


    Do you and your Ex live in the UK?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall?

  • karen bedford says:

    Thats the same question I was going to ask Chall too, as dont know how different it is from one country to another.

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