CSA only pay me for 5 of my 6 kids

February 4, 2010

I am writing this because i am sick and tired of the child support agency. I have 7 children and i’m on income support, my eldest daughter does not live with me so i’m paying £5 a week for her. The only thing is that her father does not pay any child support for my eldest son who lives with me, that claim was stopped in May 2005 and i got the letter about it in June 2006.

The child support agency stopped that claim because he was on benefits. Like I said I am also on benefits with 6 children under my roof but i still have to pay £5 a week,when I asked why they could not cancel this case the reason I got was that there was no reason for canceling this case.

I think it is discrimination and appauling that i do not get any money for my eldest son from his father but the child support agency can stop the money coming out of my benefit without consulting me. I rang CSA yesterday (3.2.10) and i was told that they are not recieving any money that has been stopped out of my money WITHOUT CONSENT by the social.

As you can imagine i am totally cheesed off and i would like something done about it now.


  • chall says:

    Hi Miss. T. Wells,

    The claim that was stopped in 2005, that you were informed about in 2006 – was that case on CSCS or CS2? (if the case was opened on or after 03/03/03 it was CS2, before that date it was CSCS)

    If it was CSCS, then there is no reason why you can not now open a new claim on new rules.

  • simon says:

    6 children and you dont work , parasite on society expecting others to pick up your bill , its people like you that have ruined this country . stop complaining and whining and get a job , you discust me

  • Craig says:


  • stuart mitchell says:

    I think it is discrimination that I go to work to support the likes of you, stop having children if you can not afford them. No mention of a partner? or are you screwing all their fathers for money too ? 4 years you have known this but now moan? Yes its a lifestyle choice but please do not moan about your free lifestyle wanting more and more.

  • browned off says:

    Roll on the day when only the first two children get support from the State.

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