CSA not replying to letters

October 14, 2011

I have money stopped out of wages for my 3 children. The CSA wrote and said i was in arrears although they were stopping money and I had paid a lump sum to clear arrears so did not see how i could be. I phoned and said i did not agree with figures and asked for breakdown of how they arrived at the arrears but they took the amount they said i owed anyway.

I had no reply so i wrote on 23rd July again requesting breakdown. I wrote again on 28th August. By this time my daughter was now living with me and i informed them that she had moved in on 29th June. I have still had no reply from the CSA they have nearly taken all the arrears they allege i owe and in addition keep stopping money for my daughter.

I have spoken to a solicitor but he says he cannot help. Who do you go to to complain about the CSA? It seems they make decisions and you have no redress and cannot argue or disagree with what they decide. I have now had money stopped for my daughter for 15 weeks and she is living with me! I am at my wits end to know what to do. Please can you help or let me know what i need to do to solve this problem.


  • sapman says:

    fuk all
    your doomed like the rest of us… had it for over 2 years
    i spoke with some one who at the time was very good and admitted she can she from my countless phonecalls and no reply and she passed it on to a senior manager ,even when i requested my file . she said i can see you have phoned over 20 times in the last 3 weeks and no one has got back to you ….this was 2 months ago …its like the film erin ……. all claims deny deny deny deny most people go away and i have to admit after 2 years of bull sh it .. i have now gave up , i know i have been had ,been screwed,been lied to, been done like a kipper …but i`m white im english and i`m a taxpayer so i have fuk all hope of winning

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