CSA non-compliance – can anyone help?

September 15, 2013

Hello everyone,

As a compliant NRP my story is similar to a lot of others on this web site, in particular alleged arrears. Over the last 16 months I have now had 4 different data protection packs (SAR) and its amazing the amount of information I had found in the last pack that should have been in the first pack! Through all of this minefield of information I have aquired documented evidence of the CSA and their non-compliance of legislation. During the complaints process the Central Appeals Unit even upheld my complaints but the CSA was still not compliant.

I aim to fight them through every line of complaint and enquiry I can including the courts. The holes they are digging for themselves is scary, they should be ashamed. I can only imagine what sort of person works for them and its not a pretty picture. My complaints are currently with the ICE. As I have not got any trust in this government agencies complaints procedures I’m not convinced that the ICE will help. In fact the CSA was six weeks late in supplying my information to the ICE for their investigation. I suggested to the ICE that they should complain to the Information Commissioner of their non-compliance. The ICE just brushed me off. Could anyone on here who has dealt with the ICE advise me on how to deal with this particular department of this government shambles. Good stories with a positive outcome or bad stories about the ICE are welcome.
Thank you.


  • Anon says:

    Im in the same situation but im the pwc complained to ice last week. My mp told me to contact him if its not resolved in a set timescale. That will hurry the situation along faster

  • rachael swan says:

    Go to local MP threaten with papers and all ICE helped us and MP there’s also an Ombudsmen you can forward complaint onto and ask for your case to be assigned to a different team and a different ICE ! Good luck with everything

  • rachael swan says:

    Duplicate all paperwork and print off emails also

  • rachael swan says:

    Sorry phone acting up ….. You can also mention extreme hardship in your communications with the Csa. We got an apology and our payments lowered as it was all their fault but you can never get rid of the arrears hence why you never EVER read of arrears been sorted

  • Neil2013 says:

    Thanks for all your comments.
    In addition to any information regarding ICE has anyone ever gone to the European Courts of Human Rights ? Did you know it is a Human Right to have the right to an effective remedy to which the CSA is generally non-compliant. The right to an effective remedy is Article 13. But did you know our Government rejected Article 13 arguing to the ECHR that with our judicial procedures and complaints process British citizens did not need article 13. What a Joke !!!!!. Ultimately I aim to take my complaints to the ECHR and embarress this Government regarding article 13 and hopefully get press coverage. In some respects I do not mind if my complaints are not resolved so that I can take it to the ECHR. At one point they got me feeling low but I’ve created the right mind set and now I enjoy seeing them squirm and the holes they dig with the questions I ask. They try and delay matters and try to get you to give up by getting you to go round in circles with their complaints process. In my case by doing this they are just incriminating themselves further. I’ve been compliant and I hate bullies and I hope to make them accountable. I will keep you all posted. Thanks.

  • Neil2013 says:

    Just to update you a bit further. The Information Commissioner has accepted one of my complaints for investigation within their remit against the CSA. In addition I have just written a letter to send with enclosed copied additional supporting evidence in tomorrows post to the ICO. Did you also know the Government internal audit defintion of fraud is any illegal act characterised by deceit, concealment or violation of trust. This Government Agency has violated my family and I by all three characterizations and most definitely committed the same to others.

    They should be ashamed and if Government ministers aren’t aware of it yet, it is probably because of dictatorial and draconian actions of Government agencies like this and why the likes of UKIP is growing in the polls. Generally people are searching for an alternative through whatever mis-treatment they have received at the hands of people like these within positions of power.

  • john says:

    I have had two investigation s by the Data protection conmission against the CSA , both times the staff LYNDA SLACK was foubd guilty of law breaking, I got odfered compensation and so did the victim of their actions however this time they still refuse to release the info even when ordered so the dpc advise court disclosure request, ,simple to do and will cause the nrp who is the harasser to be scrutinised and injunctions put in place yet again.

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