CSA new nightmare

September 22, 2011

My partner married a girl he got pregnant at 19 but they broke up before their first anniversary and divorced shortly afterwaards. At this point she started making life difficult whenever he tried to see his daughter by reporting him to the police every time he turned up until eventually she was arrested for wasting police time. Shortly after this she disappeared and he spent years searching for her to no avail.

Last year he was contacted on Facebook by her (his daughter was then 14!!) to say that his daughter had found out about him and wanted to meet him. It turned out she had remarried and started using a different name for his daughter and she had been brought up to believe her step dad was her real dad! She was only told about him when she realised her presciption came in a different surname and started asking questions. Since then we have seen her a handful of times for about 2hrs each time and always on their terms but now we have found out he has to pay CSA for her!!

How can he be expected to pay for a child that was hidden from him, didnt know he existed and never sees?!! Its a joke! The best about it is they have even asked for my income details and of Tax Credits (that are paid to me!) so now they are taking money allocated to my children and from my income when I have no legal responibility to her at all!!


  • Brian says:

    The CSA is pure evil and support no one except the Govt in covering up mistakes and lies. They are are only after the weak and try scare you into giving in.

    No wonder peolpe avoid the CSA its a money trian to those who have no idea what goes on and foreign mothers who see it as extra money.

    They will want his blood and possibly distroy both of you with constant calls, letters etc. That’s why we need a centralise all this pain and suffering into one ANTI-CSA group.

    Check http://www.NACSA.co.uk they might be able to help ALSO very important get you local MP involved ASAP go visit them and write letters.

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