CSA never replied for 9 months

January 18, 2012

I have been divorced for nearly 5 years,in this time i have provided best i could for my son,who is now 15 yrs old.Each week i give rto him £20 personnally for school lunches and buy school shoes when needed also pay half of school uniform when required.If and when my son wants to go on any trips with school or explorers,which he has been to Switzerland and Poland i have paid half of the cost (which is quite expensive)but every time his mother feels like it she contacts the csa who will just not listen to me when i explain what i pay and that surely its better for me to give to my son in person so at least he knows i make the effort…to cut a long story short i recieved a letter demanding nearly £400 which were arreas which was never broken down or explained why it was this ammount.

The csa asked me to write a letter to them,which i did,and 9 months later still had not recieved a reply.In the last few days i telephoned the csa to ask them why i had not had a reply and they couldn;t give an explanation!!! only to inform me that they had been in contact with my sons mother 2 weeks earlier and that she was going to persue with the csa claim.The csa have now told me i am in arreas of over £500 but yet again no explanation why.

I agree i have a responsibility as a father to provide for my son and will do so but the horror stories that we read about csa is horrendous.I am now prepared to attend court and seek an explanation to why it has taken 9 months and then i had to contact the csa yet again to find out why i had heard nothing from them regarding arreas or payment.


  • chall says:


    Hopefully, when you sent the letter 9 months ago you posted it signed for mail?
    If not, you have no proof that a) The CSA received it, OR b) It even existed.
    Since sending the letter 9 months ago, the time elapsed has added a further £100ish, or the equivalent of £2.50ish pw, onto the arrears?

    Have you made any payments to the CSA for child support?

    Waiting until you have to attend court and then expecting an explanation is not the best course of action. You need to be pro active now, the agency can take some enforcement action without having to apply to court. But once a liability order application is before a judge they have to grant it if they believe the money is owed.

    You can apply for your Data Protection file and a complete account break down from the agency, it will cost £10, but should contain all the information they hold on you (including the letter you sent).

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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