CSA never phones you back when they say they will

June 4, 2012

I’ve never come accross a company like csa before, they are the hardest people to get hold of or get any progress/info out of. They seem to drag everything on forever, making it very hard.

They took thousands of pounds off of me by listening to my ex partner and not even listening to me. Its a one sided company meaning its favoured to the mother!

Now i have changed company i work for, i imformed them prior to doing so, and i still havent recieved new documents at my new company, they drag it out, which means i will be paying back pay due to them not responding quick enough.

It’s been 2 months now and still nothing, when i phone up somebody says ‘thats not my case i will get somebody to phone you back’ which never ever happens! Its the worste help ive ever had, as they say its fair on both parties, when to me its all one sided!

It’s an absloute joke!


  • Gary Wright says:


    Get your M.P involved straight away,already 2 months passed now allowing these thieving toe rags to start the arrears ticking away in the back ground then they’ll hit you with a big arrears bill later.A favourate trick of the c.s.a.

    I’ve often stated you can not co-operate with the c.s.a because they wont let you,if you wait for them to get in touch with you they’ll just pull another little trick of theirs by saying you (were notified) ,like they do with most c.s.a victims yet nobody ever receives any notification off them.

    Yes the c.s.a like to let the months tick away giving you the impression that they are dealing with your case when really they are just sitting on your file long enough for the arrears to biuld up possibly high enough for a liability order,cos they like liability orders which is just another case of the c.s.a fixing peoples files in their favour.
    So basically by sitting back and waiting for them to get intouch with you, your helping them achive their goal at your expense,we all have over the years made the same mistake ourselves but are wiser now to the c.s.a file fixing tricks to be able to advise others of what they are upto.

  • Carol says:

    I agree with Gary. As soon as arrears are £3,000 or more they will be quick to put a liability order in place. Seemingly that’s the “magic figure” where a court will grant it regarless of it being the fault of the CSA.

    Write a formal letter of complaint and advise them your complaint will be followed by a call from your MP. Get in touch with your MP letting him/her know the problems you are having. A case worker will be appointed quickly and your case sorted out. If you don’t then the CSA will make up the file etc. to make it look as though they have contacted you. That really isn’t a joke as I have a copy of my partner’s file which confirms this.

  • Brett says:

    Yep agree with Gary and Carol. Ive had the same grief myself from the CSA.

  • jay. says:

    Start saving back the maintenance in the meantime before csa hit you. Hasn’t your ex kicked up a fuss, because she isn’t receiving the money either?? Like the others guys said, see your mp and get some answers.

  • brett says:

    I was fortunate and able to retire last year at a relatively young age. After sending the CSA a recorded letter notifying them, I heard nothing. I was constantly on the phone and eventually got them to reasess me on my pension, although it took months.

    I recently got myself a part time job, but now deeply regret this. From sending a recorded letter to the CSA notifying them, to them contacting me with the increased payments took less than a week. The first thing the female told me when she rang was that they had made a mistake on what they were taking from my pension and it should be more. So with the extra they’re taking from my pension means I’m only in effect taking home 50% of my net pay from my new job.

    I’m on the old system, which believe me they take even more from the NRP than cases after 3/3/2003. Ive also been through the hell of ficticious arrears ( £11,500), the threat of baliffs and a liability order, though I’d never missed a payment over the years.

    They are very quick to reasses and take money but in no rush to reasses and bring payments down.

  • Rachel Banner says:

    Hi – I agree with all of you. I have been both sides of CSA and believe me when I had my kids and kicked up a fuss CSA did nothing and although he owed me £4,500 they just wrote it off. Yet they come to me and took me to court for the £300 I owed him.

    Go to your MP because they do help and I’ve said it to them and I’ll say it again. CSA is a waste of tax payers money. They only seem to help those with money not those that want to pay for there kids but do struggle.


  • jules says:

    the csa now have an obligation to phone you back in 24hours, if they dont ring back and if no joy just put yourself in the complaints team by filling in the box on their website. usually works. i have now taken to emailing 10 downing street to which i do get a reply but if more of us did this then the pressure would be on for the csa to actually do their job

  • Pamela says:

    Having read all the comments here I have to say it seems that the CSA do not favour either parent to be honest. They have always taken the easy way and that is stuffing up with parents who do comply. If you have a parent who won’t comply they have no power to do anything at all. My case, after me telephoning constantly and demanding they do something, has finally been ‘parked’ alongside the credit scoring agency Experian, the theory is that if my ex has any activity on his financial file it will flag it up at the CSA, what tosh!! This ‘parking’ is after they have exhausted all the enforcement tactics, bailiffs etc and decided that it is pointless to do anything else, a stint in jail would give me some satisfaction but they say it’s not worthwhile. I am persuing maladministration and will not let that go, I have told the CSA that I will take them to court if I have to.

    Jules, I have my MP involved but going direct to Downing Street is a great idea, I think I am going to send everything to them too now. Thanks for that thought.

  • brett says:

    Keep going ladies. Its because of your ex’s paying little or nothing and proving elusive to the CSA that they target people like me who have always complied. I’m absolutely fuming with them.

  • Jules says:

    i have just received my update from the CSA today, they rang my ex as he was given till last friday to produce self employed accounts he said he will send them this week, she asked him for a payment but he said he had no money, funny that as he’s planning a big wedding in august!!! So thats where my money has gone. I have emailed this to Downing street and I want to know how this can be allowed. Last time they were involved i received a compensation payment from the CSA for £50, i actually said I didn’t want it & all I want is a service to which me & my son are entitled to but not getting. i will keep you updated, but please I ask all of you regardless if your the resident or non resident parent to contact downing street as this cannot be allowed to continue.

  • brett says:

    Thats the CSA for you. I’m PAYE and since I started my part time job, they are crawling all over me, ringing me upto 5 times a day, but other people advise on this site not to speak to them on the phone. Taking a big part of my pension isn’t enough for them.

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