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CSA never paid me a penny but ex told daughter he paid hundreds

I have asked the CSA for a long time regarding my concerns over the lack of amounts that my daughter’s father was asked to pay.
Taking in to account his financial status.
They claimed that it was so very difficult to work out apparently because he had made it that way.

Well l did end up with about £3 but as my case is archive actually.l am not to clear whether it was weekly or monthly.

I was also never offered the so called bounus of about £10000 at the time.

Although there paper work claimed that would be the case not so.

My daughter is now a mother herself now.
I did try to get to the truth but found myself in a bit of a maze to be honest.

I once spoke to a solicitors about possibly 4/5 years ago .

The reason this has been so difficult is when my children were very young I collapsed while out shopping with them and I suffered a brain hemorrhage .

And the rest is pure hell, as you can imagine.

I still find it very difficult to attend to the many wrongs and no rights that l have experienced because of this,in every aspect of my life since that fateful summer day.
That is why I truly believe I have to ask you to help me with this matter

And I only just found your site last evening.

My daughter was not in contact while she was young but did contact her father when she was older and he was happy to tell her that he apparently paid many hundreds of pounds in mantanice payments,which obviously became as a huge surprise to me.

I would be very grateful if you could help me to get this matter sorted out.

I feel it important to me because we suffered very much because of my long term disability, l didn’t have any financial stability.

And I feel very hurt and deeply shocked if this is the case were apon her father has paid those large amounts were has the money gone to ect ect.

I am unable to continue as l find this typing thing very difficult and takes me an absolute age.
I hope you don’t mind l shall sign of now.
I do hope that gives you some clarify on my situation .

I still can’t believe that I found this site when I need it the most.
Thank goodness.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.
There’s some more to tell you soon

One thought on “CSA never paid me a penny but ex told daughter he paid hundreds

  1. Hello Polly

    I was sorry to read about your circumstances. It’s very sad and unfortunately, your case is very typical. The CSA is designed (through a piece of European legislation) to collect as much money from unsuspecting fathers as possible for our governments and European coffers (nothing to do with helping single mothers and their children so the hype about child poverty is just a farce).

    There has been thousands of instances where parents with care habe not received the money they were entitled to even though fathers have been paying faithfully. I have always strongly advocated over the years to both parties that it is best to have a private family agreement where money is paid directly to the parent with care (PWC) by standing order. Unfortunately enmity between the parties prevents this and they go through CSA/CMS. This in most cases results additional costs. The CMS now charge an additional 20 per cent on top of liability for fathers and takes a further 4 per cent from the amount due to PWC. When you realise that the system is supposed to be a govern run organisation set up with tax payers money, you realise that you are effectively being taxed twice. It is an evil system.

    Clearly your case needs investigating but with professional help. I noticed that you sought help form a Solicitor. What happened there? CSA/CMS law is highly complex and 99.99 per cent of solicitors stay away from it. In fact they refer such enquires to lawyers like me.

    If you want help then drop me a line at [email protected] or visit

    Kind regards

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