CSA never calls back when they say they will

November 1, 2012

My case has been ongoing for 12 years. My ex partner played every card to avoid paying maintenance and was eventually caught 2 years ago and instructed to pay by deduction of earnings. Everything ticked along until Oct 2010 when my payments were cut. I challenged the csa re this and one very nice gentelman took my case on board and agreed that my calculations were correct that I was still owed over £3000 in arreas plus my weekly payment.

This gentleman and his colleague stripped the case back to day my son was born and re-calcuated the whole case. He went on annual leave, the office was restructed and the case was moved to Bolton office by mistake. This is apparently the end of the line and the decisions made there stand. I fought to get this re-opened (after a struggle) and my ex was instructed to pay again. My ex then went to a tribunal and lost his case and payments were fixed at £54 per week.

Payments continued until March 2012 then stopped. I took it upon myself to contact CSA and advised that my ex partnets workplace had been taken over by another company. They chased this up and my payments went from weekly to monthly (£216) until Sept of ths year. My payments have stopped, with no explanation. My ex partner is still employed, I have witnessed this. CSA in Bolton advise me to call back and I am becoming increasing stressed and upset over this.

They claim they have contacted his employer (again I found the number and contact person for them to call). They say they will call me back and never do. I am at my wits end as have no explantion to why my payments have stopped. When I had all the issues 2 years ago, the gentleman who helped me advised me to contact my local MSP which I have now done.

Please help as the stress of the unknown is taking its toll.

Alison Fitzpatrick


  • mr says:

    I have recently been contacted by the CSA, 3 times in 2 days infact, i understand some people going on about the good for nothing parent who pays nothing, but some of us blokes look after our kids and have them as much as possible, im sick of hearing what im due comment, I have worked very hard to get to where I am, and lucky to earn the amount i do, but like all when the family was together we lived to our means, now im single and look after my child almost half of the week, and trying to keep a house which the bills are financially battering me, im desperately trying to keep the house so at least my child has something later in life when im gone, but this is looking more and more unlikely, CSA couldn’t give a Flying rats arse how much i have to pay out of my wages and what im left with each week, all they care is you earn this much so you will pay that much, the fact that i can’t survive with whats left as i won’t be able to get to work if it goes through so ill end up loosing my home and a place for me to have my child they don’t give a crap, the CSA should be dispanded and a fair assesment on what you can afford be put in place, no matter what’s said they are crap and dont care that the consequences of their actions might completely destroy the man trying to do his best and end up with all loosing out when he looses his job cause he cant afford to get their anymore!!!!!!!!!!! when oh when are these people going to wake up, if i can afford it ill pay it, i need to work, and eat myself so i can look after my child!!!!!!!!!!!! and i need a roof over my head to be there for my child for god sake will somebody do something about these insensative arses

  • karen bedford says:

    The problem is everyone is upset about the situation they are in whether NRP or PWC – we are all suffering one way or another due to the system that lets people down who want to support their children by the people who dont.

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