CSA needs to make my ex husband pay on time

June 22, 2012

My ex husband mr ian cooke is getting later and later paying each month. It’s taking the csa enforcement officers to have to ring him each month for payments, which should not have to happen seen as hes on a court order to pay by the end of each month.

Please can you check because of him been later and later each month im sure hes missed payments? He hasnt paid this month yet and this is 4 last month they say hes paying each month but in fact hes always a month bhind.

If you trace it back you will see what i meen its annoyinying because he owes so much money and is on a court order and i have to ring up each month to chase payment because i think if i dont the csa wont chase him for the payment, so i lose out yet again. It’s no good adding missed payments to the arrears cos thats all hes paying off now and he will never pay that of as it is the amount he pays each month.

Please can you see about him making reg payments on the same date each month since hes on a court order there must be somthing you can do because i think one day hes going to stop paying again and its going to take another 16 years for him to start paying again.

Some people really need this money coming in each month to survive. He gets holidays each year, we havent had a holiday for years it also may do some good if the csa was in touch with the tax office abit more.


  • chall says:


    It may not be that your ex is late making payment, despite what the agency are telling you. The agency may be dragging their heels allocating the payment to you.

    Request a complete account breakdown for your case, ie, date due, dates received, amounts.

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

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