CSA needs to be shut down

April 23, 2011

I have paid my ex £200 per month for over 10 years.

On Feb 11th the CSA wrote and said i’m finished because my child is 19. I think woo hoo some spare cash.

In April I get a letter saying CSA are stealing £640 per month to clear arrears, and its direct from my wages even though I dont have any arrears and no one ever tells you how this is happening.

Now I stand to lose my house and job, but thats fine by them. Even my 16 year old who lives with me will have to starve.



  • John says:

    These thieves did this to me. My son reached 19 and I wrote and told them my payments should finish. These shambolic, incompetent a-se-oles stitched me up with £6,400 worth of debt..

    Why is it the £3.7 billion pounds remains uncolected and yet I am being hounded. It’s discrimination. They are also taking tax from me twice. Once on PAYE that pays for benefits etc and again through child support.

    It’s just a bloody scam!

  • KMcQ79 says:

    John asks:_
    “Why is it the £3.7 billion pounds remains uncolected and yet I am being hounded?”
    You are being hounded because you PAY!
    The CSA have got to get that £3.7 from someone.
    Write and ask for all of the paperwork regarding your case and see for yourself whether this figure is correct,incorrect or they have got you mixed with someone with the same name.

  • John says:

    ■KMcQ79….Thanks for your advice.

    Having been involved with this sambles for 11 years, and having had to make many complaints, because of their errors. I have been to the top. M.P. and Parliamentary ombudsman. My complaints were swept under the carpet!

    They all close ranks and act like they are ‘untouchable’!

    When I state that £3.7 billion remains uncollected, I am referring to those who will not pay, have never paid and may be untraceable, and yet theones who are ‘easy targets’ are regularly targeted. It is blatant discrimination!

    I have callenged my M.P. he refuses to see me and is in on the scam! I have written to, Cameron, Clegg and Duncan Smith. They will not reply and send my letters to the CSA, who then will not address the issues.

    I am a decent, honest person who is being criminalised, when I have all ready paid a lot of money into the system through taxation, and I am being asked to pay again.

    My ex has had £77,000 from me in divorce. To date £31,000 in maintenance. She has had two large inheritances and yet I am being screwed over and over again.

    I am hoping that somewhere down the line, there will be a succesful legal challenge in the courts, that will allow me to recoup all of the money that I have paid over the years, plus interest and compensation.

    This ‘not fit for purpose’, ‘shambles’ has to go!

  • chris rodowicz says:

    We all need to get together and protest outside no 10. until some one listens this is happening way to often. THESE IDIOTS MAKE ME SO SKINT IM GOING TO LOOSE MY HOUSE SOON AND THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT

  • chris rodowicz says:

    watch this space because I,m going to beat these low lifes with the help of all at deadbeat dads and the support i,ve had from all on here too.
    we will all bring an end to the CSA stealing money from who and when they choose.
    as I havnt met one man on these sites who dont ever pay and thats whats unjust and very unfair.

  • John Pickett says:

    I want a flat rate per family if you have 3 kids you pay 60 per week.. if you have two 40 one 20. no way it costs 320 per month. if i do well earn more money do overtime i am at a loss. she gains more than i will. Ill get taxed then taxed again and end up with 30 pounds for working on weekends in my time. if i gain any form of inheritance she is entitled to it. how is this fair how pays me when i have my kids no one. its a goverment scam. and kills dads every year. men have been toping them selfs over this. only time it will effect the MP’s is when one of them has the CSA attacking them. even then they will have some on their sides to cover the claims. fingers in pies and all that.

    What happens if a man flips and kills his entire family puts everyone out of there missery. has this happend before. pressure and stress can cause all kinds of problems work and the community could pay. its a matter of time before some scum back loses. it. i say hurry up. because the small sacrifice might awaken the public to this robbery. my x has plenty of money she is greedy and expects handouts to survive. cant wait till shes fat and disabled. horrible person and deserves all the negativity shes got coming. she broke the family home not me by starting a relationship with another woman. but i have to pay.

  • I have paid for 17yrs and they said I have over paid and returned £200. Now all of a sudden I owe £4000 in arrears and when can I send a cheque. His mother works full time and should contribute to his upbringing. Now they are taking £800 a month and I am in the same boat as you. If we are honest and open we are easily destroyed by the bullyiing CSA who only operate in high unemployment areas securing the trash employees they need to rob the ‘Sitting Ducks’ who are the honest hard working good dads over many years to pay the vicious vile venomous vipers who deaden a childs mind against a dad being family making him an outsider who is to be tolerated, tortured and tormented but not included in the upbringing of his children. THE CSA NEED TO BE CLOSED DOWN
    Now the time for a ‘Call to Arms’
    What has been achieved over the last 60years? Nothing but debt – family splits – Fat Solicitors getting fatter – false employment created for chasing money that is not due – and the reason the CSA was set up is being ignored which is finding errant fathers which has now become a cancer spreading within the male population of this country which only the honest dads contract
    When do we revolt………

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