CSA money spent on boob job by ex

December 15, 2010

My partner and I got together in 2001, both had a nasty break up costing thousands in solicitors.

My parnter’s ex took him to CSA even though he was paying her(CASH) anyway after a long time trying to sort it out it was eventually taken from his wages each year his ex complains to CSA for more money so we go though the sorting statments out etc, I have a son that lives with us( I get no CSA from my ex as he sees him all the time don’t see why i should make him broke). The problem is she claiming benifits and working on the side as well as having a partner who earns more then us put together living with her, we have reported to Benifits fraud but still they have not done anything each time saying they have to many cases, now my ex’s son who is in sixth form, is telling us that his EMA money is not covering the cost of his school books. We rang CSA to see if some money could be paid to him they have told us that “they cannot tell her how to spend the money” how can this be my partner is paying for his these kinds of things not boob jobs…..no wonder kids are in poverty and its not the fathers faults.

It cost him 7 years ago £8000 to see his kids and she stopped contact every time the system is wrong not only to fathers but mothers who try to get there kids. I would like any advice to help my step son get more of the money he deserves.


  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    Unfortunately, there's not much you can do. The CSA is so badly organised and basically, although the maintenance is paid to the PWC in order for her to care for the child/children, she can basically use it for anything. I would suggest your partner speaks to his son, explains to him how he pays a large amount of maintenance to cover these things such as school books and that he should speak to his mother. At least his son is now of an age that his mother can't use contact as a weapon anymore. Good luck.

  • Jason Sands says:

    That went tits up !… i would be asking the csa for repciets as to where and what that money was spent on relating to the child, if no forthcoming proof was given id tell the csa to poke any future payments !

  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    I know how you feel – but the only thing that will happen is the CSA will hound you for years, make up stupid amounts of arrears payments, put a deduction of earnings on your income, threaten you with court action, send in the bailiffs and basically cause you and your new family (if you have one) a lot of heartache. I know – I've been there.

  • Lee Hughes says:

    If you refuse, they'll just help themselves in whichever way they feel like!!!

  • CSAhell.com says:

    I’d do what Sylvester Stallone did when he divorced Bridgette Neilson. Ask for the money for the breast implants back, and when refused, ask for visitation rights. He genuinely said that in court!

  • Allan Morrell says:

    More evidence of selfish arrogant greedy manipulative PWC's… abusing the child by denying of the right for the child to be financially and emotionally cared for by NRP!!!!!!!

  • Karma... says:

    I won’t lie to ya, that this person’s facts may be a little Incorrect, as to the otherside of the frying pan if truth to be told, as I can well Imagine that no CSA money went towards any part of the human body… but yes may have well have spent a little on MY house equity as a little treat for all the babysitting that I’d done for years ‘n’ years ‘n’ years…for his daughter…which as very few would certainly agree that has nothing to do with any partners that were around at this present time & mentalily finding the massive bra In MY washing michine to fit a massive person when happily throwing me & his unconditional love for his son ? out pennyless on the street… my Parents gave us a temporary home for a while as we didn’t have much time to fit a cap on…things were done Instantly which was to be excepted the relationship had desolved!! yeyyy!
    As for some fathers letting their son change his name through depole must be showing their unconditional love for their such loving little ones to the day he showed such Interest In his son’s education…
    Yes I would agree to this statement that the CSA money should go correctly to help the children get a better start In life….

    If by what you say Is true then things are a little unfair on your side of the fryingpan & I won’t lie to you, I wish you all the best If trust be told but the only thing you can do Is get your partner to sort out this little problem as this really concerns the people who had the child together…

    Everybodies case Is different ‘n’ shouldn’t really be freedom of speech on here as some do get the wrong Idea! … ‘n’ not for those cohabitating at the time…

    Between the parents of the child…

  • Eleanor B, Syston says:

    The mother is choosing greed over the welfare of her child, the child support therefore should contribute to everything he needs not for anything else, the money can be used for food, clothes, equipment for schooling etc.. Even day trips and toys.. Hearing that the lad hasn’t enough to cover his cost for his education needs is unfair, and if they’re no problems with her income and she’s.. Well got a gold mine going on with all that money coming in then the c.s.a should be more strict with the system. Reciepts should be shown for school uniform, books and toys etc.. Just to give the father a peace of mind.

  • Tara Briggs, Syston says:

    My son only sleeps at his dads at the weekend and dosnt see him during the week, he pays for child maintenance but dosnt ask what its spent on. He dont even ask how he does at skool or even bother to be a part of future decisions. I disagree with ma eleanor about the system. As long as the dad makes payments then that be it. If theres concerns then the child is old enough to speak with support agency with dad present and tell them what hes getting. For all you know he could be getting the money another way. Like clothes and food. Speak to her.

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