CSA mistakes to cost me a thousand pounds

April 4, 2011

I have just received a letter from the CSA stating I owe them just under £1k for arrears???

This was a shock to me, as I am the mother and carer of my daughter, and had phoned, and then written to the CSA to ‘Close’ the account I opened up for ‘queries’ as to how I go about getting maintanence for my daughter.

Cut a long story short, my ex and I were able to sort out things amicably ourselves, and so I had asked the CSA to close any files regarding us. (as above)

(This was back in 2005, enquired December 2005, asked to close in Jan 2006.)

And NOW, I have been told that they had made payments to me from the date AFTER I had requested to close the files, and had heard nothing from them in the past 5 YEARS???

They’re excuse when I rang earlier was that the case was in ‘clerical’ status. That means bsolutely NOTHING to me??! and aparently, no payments or breakdowns should have been made!

So why, after 5 years, have they brought all this back up, and asked for the arrears to be paid back, when they surely should be looking at WHO they took the money from in the first place for these so called payments, as they did not come out of my ex’s wages, or bank account?!

I’m frustrated, and angry at their incompetance, and the way they don’t seem to know the answers to my questions??

I would be grateful for some help and advice?



  • geovanni smith says:

    I have very similar situation oing back 5 years after I tried to close the case. Seems CSA actually look at cases before closing, It must be cheaper for CSA than constantly reviewing even if they do have to lump parents with huge arrears.

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