CSA mistakes putting my children on the street

April 27, 2010

In September 2008 i started a new job supplied all my details to CSA without fuss or fight. in November 2008 i received a letter saying that i did not have to pay CSA as my ex was not resident in the uk and not working for a bristh company, then in may 2009 i was contacted by CSA to say i was over £1000 in arreas. no appology nothing. i had no debt with anyone till CSA reared the ugly head. Then i incurred more debt as they never sorted it out then either. So despite having all the details they need the CSA are running me into debt but have yet nearly a year later have not taken any money off me.

Cheers for actually putting me in debt CSA and thanks for trying to intimerdating me by telling me how quick you can recover it. Also thanks for putting the children first. You say you’re concerened about the children’s welfare, your seeking payments for one child but dont give a toss about the 3 you’re not far off leaving on the street