CSA mistakes means I am in arrears

December 5, 2012

I have had problems with my csa payments for nearly 2 years now and basically have been put into arrears because of “as a member of csa staff told me” they (csa) have 5 members of staff dealing with over 3000 cases. As I feel that is not my problem but I am the one paying for this in the long run.

To cut a long story short I have had to write to my local M.P who I understand is still awaiting full details of how my case has been dealt with.I am at present unable to work because I am waiting results of a MRI scan and my G.P has signed me off work,the csa are aware of this but have been telephoning numerous times per DAY asking how I am going to pay my arrears and have even asked a person that answered my phone to make a payment using my bank details!!!!!

I have informed my M.P and the C.A.B of this as this is very serious. I have had a letter in the last week asking how I intend paying my arrears even though I am not working due to a back injury and as the letter states I could be taken to court or have personal property removed from my house.

I will supply my address as I do not wish to be contacted by telephone.


  • Gary Wright says:

    I used to think like you how can the c.s.a make as many mistakes untill i started reading everyone elses cases on this site and comparing their case to my case.
    Only to find that the problems suffered by everybody with the c.s.a have a very distinct pattern which starts to emerge.

    1) assesement-people can’t complete one because the c.s.a is about the only place on the planet the post man can’t reach.

    Tracked mail:arrives then disappears
    Recorded deliveries: signed for then disappears
    1st & 2nd class post: well that just disappears anyway

    This is how your arrears bill starts,independent case examiners when a complaint is put in just see paperwork was requested by the c.s.a and you failed to supply it.

    2) you were notified:

    even paying the amount that you are told to pay you shouldn’t have arrears but all the c.s.a do is just change the amount you have to pay hit you with an arrears bill and when you lodge a complaint they just state you were notified.
    your left thinking no i wasn’t notified and you hunt through your paperwork for that copy where you were notified and find nothing.
    Your case goes before the independent case examiner and he always happens to have about the only copy of that paperwork going.
    So verdict,you were notified and failed to act so lost again.

    3)Courts & liability orders:

    Now you have arrears the c.s.a will pester you for a little while but you know you shouldn’t have those arrears so you send your case again for complaint which takes time,
    During this time you hear nothing from the c.s.a until a summons comes through the door with an arrears bill of more than likely £3K and the words no need to go to court.
    Your left thinking,I don’t think so i’m going to fight my corner because i don’t owe this and you take all your proof with you. “what can possibly go wrong”
    What you don’t find out till later is the court date was just for a liability order to be granted as arrears have reached a level for it to be automatic.
    So if you want to fight this arrears bill well you’ll have to take it back to court at a later date which will cost for a solicitor and they don’t come cheap because between them and the c.s.a its hard to figure out who’s the biggest parasite.

    So as you can see the c.s.a are the bigest file fixing operation on the planet and at your expence and they get away with it and they are responsable for more disappearences than the Burmuda Triangle

  • John says:

    Be careful what you disclose to CAB. They take the side of the NRP, and are in bed with the CSA.

    I contacted them sometime ago, as I was challenging the CSA. They told me that i wouldn’t win with my complaint…..I did!

  • stuart mitchell says:

    The trouble is when your MP contacts places like Durham House to ask what has gone on, the heads of the complaints department namely Chris Barrass and Jan Stokes are quiet happy to lie to your MP. They then finally investigate and apologise however your life has been ruined. Having seen at first hand how these two bosses operate it is no suprise that the CSA is the disgraceful beast it is.

  • brett says:

    The way the CSA operate is the lowest of the low. They all belong in the bottom of the sewer with the rats and vermin that live down there.

  • Think there are enough really unhappy cases on this site……….think a march to downing street might have to be planned,any interested people?. Lets face it we are letting them get away with it and doing nothing about it

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