CSA mistakes mean that my children are missing out

May 13, 2015

Well ive been fighting the csa since 2005 for money from my ex husband for my 2 children for four yrs i only got 20 pound a mth as he was in reciept of an army pension even though he always worked full time.

When my ex husband then started working for the army they could no longer take this into account all i recieved back was 4000 pounds at 400 a mth, which i had to fight for i also have to ring every moth to get the payments sent to me.

Then he decided not to pay it again which meant having to fight with them to get it taken directly from his wages owing me arrears again.

For a yr was getting the money regulary but then the csa decided to say to him as he was paying it regulary he could pay it by direct debit ,i have told csa on numerous occasions not to let him do this as he would stop payment , and yes u got it in feb this yr again for the 5th time ,he decided to stop paying again they then had to go through another application to his wages which meant i didnt get a payment for 5 mths in the mean time i also found out he had been claimng his wifes two step children had been living with them , but for 2 yrs one of the children has been living with his father so i asked for that to be looked at aswell.

Ive been told all my ex husband owes is 1700,55 pound in arrears but it should be a lot more then that as he already owed 1500 pound just in missed payments but csa are denying he owes anymore , they have also given him two yrs to pay the arrears off and dont seem bothered that this yr all my children have recieved is 3 payments and two of them were wrong, also as it is coming from his wages the csa give his employer from the 27th till the 19th of the next mth to make a payment before they do anything which mines my account will be in arrears.

I have been fighting csa for seven yrs and am at the end of my tether is their anyone that can help me as my children are missing out on what is rightfully theirs.

Everytime i ring up their rude and ill mannered have put the phone on me on more then one occassion i get passed from person to person im also having to ring ireland which cost the earth, i get the same answers from them all theres nothing they can do at least im getting something but at the moment im not getting a penny again.


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  1. Richie on May 14th, 2015 11:10 am

    greedy bitter woman!

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