CSA mistakes could cost me everything

December 30, 2010

Im now being hit with the CSA. They decided to review my case and are now demanding £102.29 a week for my 13 year old daughter. This is back dated to 30/08/10 therefore i am already £1328 in arrears.

The CSA run 2 seperate systems. If my ex and i were breaking up now i would be on the new system and my payments would only be £60 a week.

I tried to get my ex to accept £60 a week in a private agreement but she refuses. All she is seeing is the £ signs. At this rate i will lose my home due to not being able to pay my morgage.

I blame the CSA for not doing anything when i first informed them that i had got a full time job back in 2002. I rang them 5 times and sent 3 letters to them with my earnings. They never did anything. I then got my morgage in 2005.

Now i may lose everything.


  • Allan Morrell says:

    Ive been unemployed since feb 2009…. since then…. the CSA have increased my arrears by £3,000….wtf!!!!I'm disabled, I have shared care and nil assessed!!!!! where has this fictitious £3k come from????they have been promised purple roofs, they threatened Police actions, so I said it wasnt a threat… it was a promise!!! and when they do send the police, I'm prepared to counter with CSA attempte theft and Fraud!!!!! Now tell that to the police, Child abusing CSA scum!!!!!!!they will get purple roofs if I have 2 paint a pic of a roof in purple!!!!

  • Juliet-Amber Jolliffe says:

    Does your ex know that you may now lose your home? This would obviously affect your daughter and her future.It is really unfair about the CSA1 and 2 cases – I don't know why they don't just put everyone on CSA2 and you'd pay 15% of your earnings in maintenance.Good luck

  • Kev Blythe says:

    Allan it comes from the EDS system csa2 which is just another name opps joke CSA 1 thanks to the yanks. Again i say this is never mentioned during general election, income tax – pension credits – housing benefit – unemployment benefit – but never this backward system of the rigid(well that what my screen says) you can’t really call it a support system can you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_Data_Systems

  • hg says:

    go straight to your MP, they will be happy to send your letter of complaint and then the CSA all of a sudden are willing to listen! Good luck!

  • Paul Graham says:

    I know how u feel I was unemployed for two years and I was assessed to pay £119 a week a joke. Now working the took £569 out of my monthly salary by deduction of earning not even informing me I can't even pay my rent as only left with a pitence. This csa is a complete joke and u can't even talk to them as they don't listen or want to listen. Let's protest,protest protest

  • Darren Blackburn says:


  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    They are clearly NOT acting in the best interests of children!

  • Sylvia Dunai says:

    All CSA is interested in is to gain massive interest on money coming in from NRPs and in the statistics so they could show off to the government about how many NRPs they got money off. I could bet you they dont monitor their performance with regards to how many children, NRPs and PWC they make suffer or how many they do not help….

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    Indeed Sylvia..all they like to publish is the amount of money they have collected..not where it's from, and whether the NRPs they have collected from were existing clients.

  • andrea crosby says:

    so how do you appeal anything my husbands being threatened n demanding doe order so that a whole months pay gone what is there to do

  • john says:

    That has happened to me not once but twice long story but i was working some 25 miles away and renting a flat, my wages where assessed when i was able to put in 20 hours of over time a week the company had big orders on a time scale to fill, but like all things that came to an end, sent in new wage slips what happened nothing same amount was taken each week so i was left will about 120 pounds to live on rent and council tax took 100 a week and the lady from the csa on the phone did state to me when i said i would be homeless { live on the streets as long as you pay } HASTINGS CSA

  • Terry says:

    I managed to get the payments down to £99.58 a week (a total saving of £2.71)
    But then they insisted that i have to get the arrears cleared by September. So now until September i am stuck with paymentsof £127 a week.
    My daughter does dancing. Its what i got her into during my contact on saturdays back when she was 3 years old. They do tests 3 time a year and they cost around £60. My ex was still insisting that i pay for the dance test too. She eventualy payed £10. Her entire argument is that when Kira started dancing i had said that i would sort it. She doesntrealise tat it would still be me paying just the money going through her first. Now out of the GOODNESS (lol) of her heart (if there is one) she has agreed to pay 1/2 of the test money. I did explain that the csa payments are for upbringing and activities. Her reason for not paying the last one was she had just had a £200 gas bill. At the beginning of Jan she got £700 off the csa that i had payed over december so that still left her £500 plus themoney she gets anyway.

  • gavin says:

    ok so where do we start, right the csa has put an attachment of earnings on my wadge, hello i only work 25 hours a week and with money iv missed out paying since 2000 they want £325 every 4 weeks so im left with the personal allowance of £503 every 4 weeks. first off the child is not mine as split up with her mother 3 months before she could have been conceived! of cource i told the csa this! i was told its down to me to prove through a dna test (which i pay for) JOKE.Thats not all, i got married last year and have a child at home with my wife, how da hell am i suppose to live off £503 every 4 weeks??? If any one knows the answer please let me know as my rent is £575 every month and council tax of £94 every month, like i said the child is not mine so just because my ex got pregnant and picked my name out of the hat iv to pay, not fair not right, also how long is it going to take to get the money back after its proven im not the father!! my wife child and i live on basics at the moment because some bitch got pregnant and used my name without any proof!!! SO I HAVE TO PAY, csa my arse

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