CSA mistakes cause us to overpay for a year

December 21, 2010

My partner pays for his children from his previous marriage. In January 2010 his pay was cut considerably, all overtime was stopped and as a result asked the CSA to reassess what he pays them. He has telephoned monthly initially and then weekly and now almost daily to be given the same information every time. He is constantly told that it has been worked out it is just being checked. He actually received a letter 3 months ago stating what the new amount he would need to pay is, it is taken directly from his salary but the CSA never passed the information on to his employer hence he is still paying the higher amount.

As a result of the incompetence of the CSA, it is almost a year now that he has been overpaying we have got into debt, not only with the phone bill that is itemised and the majority of the calls are to the CSA but with other household bills too. The amount that they take at the moment is one third of his wages!! What do we have to do to speak to the same person more than once and for someone to take some action? He was told weeks ago that the case had been escalated and he would get an answer very soon. He is now on medication from the dr because of the stress this is causing – I just need some help on what we need to do to get some answers, to get the payments reduced and to get the overpayments paid back.



  • Mr K says:

    I think your best course of action would be to take everything that you have, and dump it in the lap of your MP, so to speak.

    They were elected to represent their constituents, so it’s about time they earnt their money!!

  • graeme says:

    Hi Mrs K

    I feel sorry for the position you and your partner find youreslves in.
    However, to be honest with you I do not think that you will recieve any money back from the the thieving scum at this agency. I am sorry to say that. They are not renowned for admitting their mistakes, not are they well known for correcting them and repaying back any over payments. I am really sorry to tell you that.

    I hope and pray that I am wrong and somebody with a grain of conscience, decency and insight will admit their mistakes and pay the money back to you and your partner.

    Regards and very best wishes.


  • Kim Peach says:

    that sounds very similar to our case, they're still 'investigating' our situation but still continuing to take £140 p/w from his wage. good luck

  • Julie Measures says:

    And the same with my husbands case…he was told back in April that he had overpaid due to him paying the weekly maintenance plus an arrears amount…still waiting for the overpayment back to this day…However the ex contacted the csa to say she 'thought' his circumstances had changed and they were very quick off the mark to send out letters asking for wage slips etc…..They cause soooo much stress and then when you ring them they cant find your details or who you spoke to last…..IDIOTS…and thats being polite..Can someone tell me though that why??? 9 times out of 10 its the paying partners that get targeted…. 🙁

  • Lorraine Moore says:

    Because they are sooooooo easy 🙁

  • Eugene Salmon says:

    the only to get fareness is if its is man or woman who find themselfs in these circumstances is to love each other again both new couples come to an arangement what you are going to pay or accept. put the children first .put the past behind you no matter how bad the marrige or relationsip was forget the goverment police money grabbing solicitors. child visitaion buros interfearing grandparents brothers sisters friends who put there worthless tupance in. have paid so far £32.356.68 p so from 2001 i have a estimated £35.000 to pay over 5 years on till my son finishes full time education .so in a nut shell lol .the C.S A. Goverment dont care and wont help you MEN who are thinkging of leveing your marrige dont back down if you own a home get the builders in you have the top of the house she as the bottom or vice verser. look after the children orthe wise you will lose lose lose am not sorrey this country works out better for wemen. so there you have it ture testerment of a farther who wont be seeing his son this christmas (again) but will one day when he is a man to meet a man who never gave up. any man who reads this message and is feeling low over christmas al be on facebook dont do anything silly talk to someone and bye the grace of God you will see your son or daughter . GOD BLESS

  • KMcQ79 says:

    This is one of my biggest complaints about the CSA.
    THEY DO NOT SHOW HOW THEY HAVE CALCULATED THE AMOUNT. (In capitals for CSA staff on this forum).
    I had a similar experience when I discovered that my pension contributions where not taken into account.

    Any one know how much CSA staff bonuses are this year?

  • graeme says:


    Maybe of some interest to people

    I say let the barstewards suffer like many people on here have to on a monthly basis.


  • Nibs says:

    Eugene Salmon, and i know that there are not many of you about. So to the one who knows that i know.
    I hope you told everyone on here the real reson you are on here.
    I Personally thought the CSA did a really good job.
    The courts and the Child contact center also did an excellent job.
    You know what i mean.
    How dare you pretend like you miss your son. Your vile temper lets you down in his presence and the presence of the authories.
    Has for the financial side, you have never offered up a penny, (even when you had the chance)the CSA were chasing you for years and when they did catch up with you they didnt have any choice but to stick an order on you.
    So much more i could say on here to expose you for who you really are.

  • Chala says:

    Nibs – I’m a women, my husband has had an AOE put on his wages from January 2011 for 147 per week, the arrears are totally wrong, they haven’t taken into account we have another Child who was born in May 2009!! and also the fact with have the Child in Question more than 52 nights per year, we are still waiting for it to be resolved but in the meantime have to pay this ridicous amount!!
    My husband has always paid his ex money and see his child, but she wanted more money considering she’s moved 300 mile away!!
    So stop talking shit!! everyone’s circumstances are different, you dont know what your talking about love!! go get a job instead of sitting on your arse expecting for your ex to pay for everything!!

  • Nibs says:

    Dear Chala,

    Please do not take any offence to what i have put on this web site.
    Sorry if i offended you and others. I wish i had talked shit but the person that the message is intended for knows im not. Got all the documents and the rest to prove it and as you can see the message was addressed to him. not anyone else.
    I do believe that there are genuine men and women who have to go through what alot of people go through on this website. I would never deny that these things take place. Im not like that.
    Like i said it wasn’t a matter of months that he evaded them, im talking years.
    The person that i refer to had for years fed me and other lies about whereabouts, earnings and even used their child in the most hurtful way ever. I have worked since day one of leaving school and fortunately i have never had to rely on anyone even him. This person that i refer to sought to destroy everything because of his issues, which everyone tried to help with, dosmestic violence is only one. I gave him what was rightfuly his when he dragged me through the courts wanting more and more and more. Meals consisted of baked beans and toast whilst i paid out in legal fees. He was soon found out. Bet he wished he hadn’t have done it now but it had to stop at some point.
    I do accept that the CSA don’t always get it right, i have experienced this. After reading that this person is still in a state of mind where they cant see what wrong they have done it beggars belief.
    Im all for the system to work for everyone, i didnt even want to have to go down the road of having the CSA involved. Bank details and every possible thing was given for as and when. What i am trying to say is that he has never paid for anything. Nothing came forth and when i say nothing i mean nothing even the sums put on the site dont add up. if he had not abused the system so much maybe he wouldnt feel so bitter, for every lie he told it came back and bit him hard. How could a father put a child through that just to make my life hell? Even when they know its wrong.
    For your situation i pray that they do sort it out ASAP, i know they take ages but they do get there in the end and any money you have had to pay out will be given back to you. I hope the other person hasnt gotten too used to what they are getting.

    Like i say i could say much much more but i’d like to think its in my past. Id like to think id never ever go through this again. Just had to make a point to him who knows.
    Does your husband send his child christmas and birthday presents or just random stuff ? i bet he does, but my son doesn’t get anything.
    Its the same show year after year.

    Hoped not to have caused offence to you or anyone else, even i at one stage believed his lies.

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