CSA mistakes are costing me

November 23, 2011

Me and my ex split in 2003. My son was two years old and I started paying csa of forty pound a week.

I met my new partner in 2007 and i informed the csa that we was having a child and was told when the child was born to get in contact so they could adjust my payments. I did after two days of my son being born and i was told my payments would be adjusted.

A year later i was still paying the same amount; when i contacted them they said the case worker was no longer employed by them so my case had bean left for a year with no one doing anything so i left it because i was basicly told there was nothing i could do.

In 2009 i was made redundant.

I have now started a new job in june of 2011. I informed the csa about this they said they neaded five wage slips, which i sent them. I waited a couple of weeks but heard nothing so i rang them. I was told they would get a case worker to ring me back. I waited but nothing, so i rang them again and i got the same reply because it has took them so long to sort out i now owe a thousand pound back pay, which i have to pay.

I have three dependants, yes i agree i should pay for my ten year old i helped bring him in to this world but it feels like i am being penalised for their mistakes.


  • janet says:

    Your lucky that’s all you owe as its now 2011

  • david says:

    i think if janet had read my email rite that she would revise her comment

  • janet says:

    I apologise however they backdate payments to date that the new assesment was started so I guess that’s where the arrears are for it takes 12 weeks for them to sort out as we had a re assesment done and my hubby has to pay 984 back which we have done remember they have thousands of cases that isn’t a mistake costing you you could have made gesture payments whilst being sorted out to keep arrears down

  • janet says:

    Also as the payments were not adjusted so you might be due a deduction on your arrears which might bring the amount down however when you were made redundant did you stop paying?

  • janet says:

    no i was still paying out of my jsa and as for making payments no 1 would give me a straight anser

  • janet says:

    They will take payments directly from your wages but they should take into account your change of circumstance but if on tax credits for your new child they take that into account also

  • janet says:

    The thousand pound is from the date of the new assesment I suggest you ring up and pay the weekly amount weekly adding something before they take a dow order

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